Economics of Migration

Economics of Migration Research Group

Our research covers a wide range of topics in the Economics of Migration, which are studied both from a macro and micro angle, and using empirical analysis, simulations and applied theory models. Among other themes, our research analyses the fiscal impact of immigration, the impact of immigration on the wages and employment of natives, migration driven by health concerns or violence, immigration policy and illegal immigration, and the determinants of immigrants' integration and language assimilation.

Our research is successfully financed through external grants and we provide migration policy advice. In particular, Michael Ben-Gad is now a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Panel on the Economic and Fiscal Impact of Immigration. Also, our research on human trafficking and on the impact of immigration on wages has been featured recently in the media.


Professor Michael Ben-Gad

Dr Alice Mesnard

Dr Javier Ortega

Dr Firat Yaman

PhD students

Khansa Al-Sabah


Ben-Gad: ESRC/HM Treasury/HM Revenue and Customs, 2010-11, Distortionary Taxation, Debt and Immigration (research grant no. RES-194-23-0020, one year £95,000).

Mesnard: AFD-AIRD-IRD-HEWLETT "Health Risks and Migration in sub-Saharan Africa". Principal Investigator. (€270,000, 2009-13)

Mesnard: NORFACE consortium. Co-applicant with a CEPR team for the TEMPO proposal on "Temporary Migration Policies" (€20,000 for the research paper 'Sale of Visas: A Smuggler's Final Song?', 2010-12)


Journal articles

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Working papers

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Book chapters and book reviews

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