Health Economics

City Health Economics Centre

The City Health Economics Centre (CHEC) aims to develop and apply new quantitative research methods to inform policies in health and health care.

About the centre

CHEC is collaboration between health economists based in the Department of Economics and the School of Health and Psychological Sciences.

Research at CHEC has a strong basis in the discipline of economics and is informed by theoretical and empirical developments in microeconomics and econometrics applied to health and health care. CHEC has well established links with the Office of Health Economics (OHE) in terms of joint grant applications, research collaborations and enterprise opportunities.  

CHEC organises a monthly seminar series where staff members based at City, University of London and researchers from other academic and non-academic organisationsfrom inside and outside City, University of London present their latest research.  In addition CHEC organises the seminars of the London Health Economics Group (LHEG), a research forum for health economists across London to present and discuss works in progress and ideas.

Researchers and academic staff at CHEC have produced high quality research work on a wide range of health economics topics. We have received research grants from MacMillan Cancer Support, The Health Foundation and NIHR.

Our current research programme includes the following main themes:

  • Analysis of the National Health Service in England
  • The impact of the recession on health outcomes and wellbeing
  • Health outcomes measurement and valuation.
  • Adaptation to health states
  • Inequalities in childhood vaccination and childhood obesity
  • Health technology adoption and diffusion
  • Pharmaceutical R&D and competition.
  • Economic evaluation of cancer treatments
  • Health behaviours and lifestyle decision making
  • Domestic violence and health outcomes
  • Maternal working patterns and children’s wellbeing
  • Willingness to Pay for health insurance schemes in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs)
  • Effects of health care reforms in developed and LMICs
  • Eating disorders, mental and labour outcome

photo of Agne Suziedelyte

Dr Agne Suziedelyte



Dr Victoria Serra-Sastre, Director

Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics

Research interests:

  • technology uptake and diffusion in health care
  • provider competition
  • adoption to health states
  • the effect of economic downturns on health behaviours and outcomes.

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Dr Giulia Faggio

Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics

Research interests:

  • labour economics
  • urban economics
  • local economic development

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Dr Kyriaki Giorgakoudi

Senior Research Fellow, School of Health and Psychological Sciences

Research interests:

  • Economic evaluation
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Cancer
  • Infectious diseases

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Dr Alice Mesnard

Reader, Department of Economics

Research interests:

  • Development Economics
  • Migration
  • Policy Evaluations
  • Applied Microeconomics.

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Dr Nicolas Navarrete Hernandez

Lecturer, Department of Economics

Research interests:

  • labor economics
  • health economics
  • economics of education

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Dr Charitini Stavropoulou

Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Psychological Sciences

Research interests:

  • understanding individual behaviour in health
  • decision-making and the physician-patient relationship
  • patient safety
  • the impact of financial crisis on health and health care.

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Dr Agne Suziedelyte

Department of Economics

Research interests:

  • ICT and media
  • mental health
  • vaccinations
  • self reported health

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PhD Students


  • Yi MuSubject: ‘Essays on policy evaluation: assessing policy impacts on physical and mental well-being among vulnerable populations using quasi-experimental methods’Type: Full-time.Degree expected: 2022.
  • Chandanee Wasana KalansooriyaSubject: ‘Topics in Non-Communicable Diseases in Sri Lanka’Type: Full-timeDegree expected: 2023
  • Sayuri RentschlerSubject: ‘The economics of vaccine hesitancy’Type: Full-time.Degree expected: 2024.


  • Alina Velias: ‘Essays in Behavioural and Experimental Economics’, 2021.
  • Iris Lopes-Rafegas: 'Essays on eating disorders: predisposing factors, peers networks, and later-in-life consequences of having been diagnosed', 2021.
  • Ekaterina Kusnetzova: 'Essays on attitudes towards risk and health risks of Immigrants and its relationship with Hepatitis B vaccine uptake in the UK'. January 2019.
  • Xenia Radu: 'Essays on the impact of the changes in financial ratings on the health and well-being of some European countries: A Natural Experiment', July 2018.
  • Elisa Ruiz Burga: ' Migration, identity and risk: the experiences of migrant male sex workers in London', Dec 2017.
  • Amira El-Shal: 'Essays on the impact on children's and maternal health of the health care reforms in Egypt: A Natural Experiment', December 2016.
  • Joseph Kamara: 'Essays on the willingness and ability to pay for health insurance in the informal sector in Sierra Leone using a Discrete Choice Experiment', 2015.
  • Melcior Rossello-Roig: 'Topics on Health and Lifestyle Decisions: A Microeconometric Approach', 2017.
  • Angeliki Bistaraki: 'Interagency collaboration in mass gatherings: the case of public health and safety organisations in the 2012 London Olympic Games', 2017.
  • Carl Camilleri: ' Topics on the Introduction of the DRG system in Malta', 2015.
  • Sofia Dimakou: 'Waiting time distributions and national targets for elective surgery in UK: theoretical modelling and duration analysis', 2012.
  • MZ Sadique: 'Essays on the willingness to pay for vaccination', 2008.
  • Maria Raikou: 'Essays on the medical care costs under conditions of censoring, 2002.
  • Steve Morris: 'An economic analysis of nurses earnings in Britain', 2002.

Honorary Members and Affiliates

Prof. John Appleby

Director of Research and Chief Economist, Nuffield Trust  

Prof. John Cairns

Professor Health Economics, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine  

Prof. Graham Cookson

Chief Executive, Office of Health Economics

Dr Patricia Cubi-Molla

Senior Principal Economist, Office of Health Economics

Prof. Nancy Devlin

Chair In Health Economics, University of Melbourne  

Prof. Michael Drummond

Professor of Health Economics, University of York  

Prof. Mireia Jofre-Bonet

Vice President and Head of Research, Office of Health Economics 

Dr Ioannis Laliotis

Council of Economic Advisors, Greece

Dr Mauro Laudicella

Danish Centre for Health Economics

Dr Jorge Mestre-Ferrandiz

Visting Fellow, Office of Health Economics

Prof. David Parkin

Senior Principal Economist, Office of Health Economics

Prof. Lotte Steuten

Head of Consulting and Vice President, Office of Health Economics


CHEC Workshops

The CHEC will run a workshop on issues around NHS workforce, exploring the current context and presenting the evidence on determinants of the labour market in the sector. The workshop will be held on the 30th April 2020. There is no fee to attend but registration is required. Registration details will follow.

Health Economists’s Study Group (HESG)

The CHEC organised the HESG Winter 2018 conference at City, University of London 10th-12th January 2018.

CHEC Seminars

Upcoming seminars

12 May 2020
  • Dr. Matt Skellern
    (NHS England and NHS Improvement)
21 April 2020
  • Dr. Kyriaki Giorgakoudi  
    (City, University of London)
24 March 2020
  • Prof. Martin Gorsky

Past seminars

10 December 2019
  • Prof.  Sergi Jiménez Martín
    (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
3 December 2019
  • Prof. Anne Beeson Royalty
    Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
8 October 2019
  • Prof. Lotte Steuten
    (Office of Health Economics)
11 June 2019
  • Dr Giuseppe Moscelli
    (University of Surrey)
14 May 2019
  • Dr Koonal Shah
    (Office of Health Economics)
12 February 2019
  • Dr Luke Munford
    (University of Manchester)
8 January 2019
  • Dr Apostolos Davillas
    (University of Exeter)
16 October 2018
  • Dr David Lugo
    (Imperial College London)
13 June 2017
  • Dr Eugenio Zucchelli (University of Lancaster)
9 May 2017
18 April 2017
14 March 2017
  • Dr Katharina Hauck (Imperial College)
14 February 2017
  • Prof. Andrew Street (York)
17 January 2017
  • Prof. Eric French, (UCL)
13 December 2016
  • Dr Hannah Kuper (LSHTM)
15 November 2016
  • Dr Ranjeeta Thomas (Imperial College)
11 October 2016
  • Agne Suziedelyte
14 June 2016
  • Seraina Anagnostopoulou (University of Reading)
10 May 2016
  • Kyriaki Giorgakoudi
12 April 2016
  • Ed Kendall (Monitor)
8 March 2016
  • Catia Nicodemo (University of Oxford)
9 February 2016
  • John Appleby (The Kings Fund)

London Health Economics Group

Upcoming events

DateHost InstitutionPresenters
24 November 2021 UCL
  • Gianluca Baio, UCL
  • Nikita Arora, LSHTM

Past events

Date Host institutionPresenters
28 November 2019  City University of London
  • Huajie (Lily) Jin, King’s College London
  • Victoria Serra-Sastre, City, University of London
11 April 2019  NHS Improvement
  • Ali McGuire, LSE
  • Dimitris Pipinis, NHS Improvement
29 November 2018  Imperial College Business School
  • Adrian Towse, OHE
  • Marisa Miraldo, Imperial College London
26 April 2018  University College London
  • Mylene Lagarde, LSE
9 November 2017 LSE
  • Marisa Miraldo, Imperial College London
9 March 2017 (5-7pm) IFS (basement)
  • Nicos Savva, London Business School (5-6pm)
  • Alice Mesnard, City, University of London (6-7pm).
17 November 2016 (5-7pm) The Office of Health Economics
  • Rachel Baker (Glasgow Caledonian University) will present a paper and Koonal Shah (OHE) will reply/discuss.
9 June 2016 King's College London
  • Paula Lorgelly (Office of Health Economics)
  • George Stoye (Institute for Fiscal Studies)
10 March 2016 Imperial College London
  • Ioannis Laliotis (University of Surrey)
  • Pedro Rosa Dias (Imperial College London)
10 November 2015 LSHTM
  • Richard Cookson (The University of York)
  • Mylene Lagarde (LSHTM)
November 2014 City University London
  • Chiara Orsini
  • Gabriella Conti
June 2014 King's College London
  • Eliana Pires Barrenho
  • Mireia Jofre-Bonet
March 2014 University College London
  • Emla Fitzsimons
  • Rachel Hunter
November 2013 LSE Health & Social Care
  • Mauro Laudicella
  • Matteo Galizzi
February 2012 LSHTM
  • Jeshika Singh
  • Stephanie von Hinke Kessler Scholder
November 2011 City University London
  • Manuel Gomes
  • Charitini Stavropoulou
November 2010 City University London
  • Michael Drummond
  • Irene Papanicolas
May 2010 Imperial College
  • Rodrigo Morena-Serra
  • Carol Propper
  • Marisa Miraldo
March 2010 City University London
  • Stephen Morris
  • Zack Cooper
October 2009 Imperial College
  • Carol Propper
  • Marcus Vera-Hernandez