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Violence and Society Centre Home Page

Welcome to the Violence and Society Centre

Violence is not inevitable, but shaped by society. The Centre improves data to build theory and explanation, evaluate policy and interventions, to achieve our ultimate aim to reduce violence and the harm it causes.

The Violence and Society Centre is interdisciplinary and international. Professor Sylvia Walby OBE is the Director.  Staff are in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, including Sociology and International Politics, the School of Health Sciences and the City Law School. The Centre engages with data providers and data users to develop professional practice and policies, both nationally and internationally.  The Centre holds research grants, supervises PhDs, and runs seminars and conferences.

The major themes are:

  • Theory: Developing a theory of change.
  • Data: Improving measurement practices and developing a new measurement framework to integrate fragmented data.
  • Explanation: Analysingconnections and causal pathways linking violence and multiple intersecting inequalities, including gender.
  • Evaluation: Investigating the impact and effectiveness of professional practice, policies and laws across criminal justice, civil justice, specialised services and health.
  • Change: What is the future of violence?  What causes change? Can we imagine moving towards ‘zero violence’?

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New Research: Violence, Health and Society

A Consortium, led by Sylvia Walby, Director of the Violence and Society Centre, has been awarded £7m funding from the UKRI/MRC/PRP to investigate Violence, Health and Society (October 2021 – September 2026). The Consortium is a partnership between City, University of London, Kings College London, University College London, Lancaster University, University of Bristol, Warwick University and Public Health Wales and engages with multiple public and Third Sector professionals and practitioners who generate data and with national and international governmental bodies that use data.

The aim of the Consortium is to improve the measurement of violence to support the investigation of causal pathways, to develop a theory of change, and to evaluate interventions.  It will work closely with the justice and health professions, third sector specialised services providers to survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and national surveys including the Crime Survey for England and Wales, Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, and UK Longitudinal Household Survey. Gender and intersecting inequalities will be mainstreamed throughout the analysis. We will build a much larger, better dataset on violence to inform analysis and interventions than before.

News and updates on the Consortium's progress and outputs will be available via our upcoming page 'Violence, Health and Society'.

The Centre will be advertising for six postdoctoral (senior) research fellows, a knowledge exchange manager, and research administrator to join the project shortly.