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Violence and Society

Violence and Society Centre

Towards Zero Violence

Violence wrecks lives and causes immense suffering and death. Violence is not inevitable, but shaped by society. The Centre aims to produce the evidence to build the theory needed to inform policy, politics and practice to move towards zero violence.

The Violence and Society Centre is interdisciplinary and international. It engages across the Social Sciences, including Sociology and Politics, and Law and Health.

The Centre will hold research grants, supervise PhDs, run seminars and conferences, and develop educational programmes.

The major themes are:

  1. Theory and concepts: What is violence: developing the concepts and theories to explain the increase, decrease and variation in violence
  2. Measurement: Current measurement practices hide some forms of violence, especially against women: developing a new measurement framework and methods to remedy this.
  3. Types of violence: Different types of violence and coercion, including trafficking in human beings, violent crime, domestic violence and rape. Gender is mainstreamed rather than treated in isolation.
  4. Policy and interventions: Analysing what works to reduce violence through policy fields including: criminal justice; civil justice; security; health; and gender equality. International: engaging with the European Union, Council of Europe and UN, as well as the UK.
  5. Change: What future of violence, including macro-socio-historical trends; the impact of the economic crisis; and situational crime analysis. What might it mean to move towards ‘zero violence’?

Our Team

Professor Sylvia Walby

Sally McManus

Dr Elizabeth Cook

Merili Pullerits

Dr Riikka Kotanen

Jessica Phoenix

Jessica Corsi

Alexandria Innes

Dr Patricia Bell