1. Global (Dis)Order
  2. Societal Insecurities
  3. Peace and Disarmament
    1. Global (Dis)Order
    2. Societal Insecurities
    3. Peace and Disarmament
International Policy

Centre for International Policy Studies

Welcome to The Centre for International Policy Studies (CIPS) is the coordinating body for new and ongoing research undertaken by academics in International Politics and related disciplines at City , University of London.


Our purpose is to share and develop techniques for informing decision-makers outside academia - in government, business, the armed forces, and/or non-governmental and civil society organisations, as well as the media - about the research findings of City academics in their respective fields of expertise.

At the core of this endeavour is a commitment to engage policymakers (in the public, private and non-governmental sectors, as appropriate) more directly in the identification and formulation of research projects in order to prepare for effective dissemination of research findings.

This does not mean that policymakers will be given the lead on the choice and conduct of research projects. Rather, the aim is to spark the interest of potential end-users of the research at an early stage, so that they are keen to learn about the findings when these become available.

Research and People

Research groups

Research clusters

Under the CIPS umbrella there are currently three main research clusters:

Honorary Visiting Research Fellows

  • Dr Mark Ledwidge - Senior Lecturer in American Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent; PhD University of Manchester; researching Race and American Power
  • Dr Juvaria Jafri - Postdoc, University of Cambridge; PhD City, University of London; researching philanthropy and global finance and development
  • Dr Poonam Madar - Visual Sociologist and Reflective Writing Practitioner; PhD University of Warwick
  • Dr Bamo Nouri - Lecturer in International Relations, University of West London; PhD City, University of London; researching American foreign policy and the international and domestic politics of the Middle East

Apply for an Honorary appointment

CIPS encourages applications for honorary visiting staff appointments (Visiting Professors, Honorary Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, Fellows or Senior Fellows).

To apply for an honorary appointment, please request the relevant form and guidelines from CIPS@city.ac.uk