Minorities and Rights

Minorities and Rights Research Group

About the group

The Minorities and Rights Research Group (MRRG) at the City Law School, City University London, aims to provide a forum for specialised debates on minority groups and other vulnerable persons. The group derives its membership both nationally and internationally, and also across disciplines.

Projects and Activities

The City Law School Research Group on Minority Rights in collaboration with the Britain Nepal Academic Council and the UK Constitutional Law Association presents:

Minority Rights and Nepal’s New Constitution

A panel discussion with:

- Prof David Gellner, Professor of Social Anthropology and Fellow of All Souls, University of Oxford

- Prof Michael Hutt, Professor of Nepali and Himalayan Studies, SOAS, University of London

- Prof Peter Leyland, Emeritus Professor of Public Law, London Metropolitan University

- Dr Mara Malagodi, Lecturer in Law, The City Law School, City University London

- Ms Mandira Sharma, Senior Advocate, Nepal, and Doctoral Candidate, Human Rights Centre, University of Essex

Chair: Dr Tawhida Ahmed, Senior Lecturer in Law, The City Law School, City University London

Tuesday 2 February 2016 6-8pm AG03 College Building City University London


Dr Tawhida Ahmed

Group Convenor

Research interests include minority rights, European Union law and international human rights

Dr Mauro Barelli

Research interests include indigenous rights and public international law

Annabel Beales

Doctoral researcher on indigenous persons

Pinar Canga

Doctoral researcher on migrant children in the UK and Turkey

Nicholas Hatzis

Research interests include anti-discrimination and religion, and migrants in the EU

Dr Mazen Masri

Research interests include the Israeli-Arab conflict, and public international law and human rights.

Aidan Swietochowski

Doctoral researcher on the law of antiquities.

Dr David Seymour

Research interests include law, rights and anti-Semitism.

Professor Dan Wilsher

Immigration Judge in the First-tier Tribunal Asylum and Immigration Chamber

Research interests include immigration and European Union law


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