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Seeking to combine insights from both International Law and International Relations scholarship, the International Law and Affairs Group (ILAG) provides a forum for research and discussion for those interested in issues of public international law, broadly defined, at The City Law School.

These include the areas of international human rights, international economic law, and international criminal law. Reflecting its interdisciplinary approach to the study of the subject, the group also collaborates with a number of academics from the Department of International Politics at City University London.

We combine the research expertise and educational excellence of ILAG members to develop thorough and specialised educational courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

We offer a wide range of elective models available to LLB students and Graduate Entry LLB (GELLB) students. These include Public International Law, Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law, International Economic Law and International Commercial Arbitration. We also run an intensive and specialised LLM programme in Public International Law, using small-group teaching and providing modules in different fields.



Dr Tawhida Ahmed

Tawhida Ahmed is Reader in Law at The City Law School. Her research interests are in EU law and human rights, specializing in minority rights protection.

See Dr Ahmed's full profile

Dr Grietje Baars

Grietje Baars is Reader in Law & Social Change Law at The City Law School. Their interests revolve around the role of capital, and the corporation, in global governance, as well as the nature and effects of corporate power in global society, as exemplified by the study of regulation and resistance in the global supply chain.

See Dr Baars' full staff profile

Dr Mauro Barelli

Dr Barelli is Reader in Law at The City Law School. His interests lie in interdisciplinary approaches to the study of minority groups' rights, the right to self-determination, and global justice. He has written extensively on the question of indigenous peoples' rights in international law. Dr Barelli is an associate of the UK Network on Minority and Group Rights, a collaborative project among scholars based primarily in the UK which organises conferences, roundtables and publications on topical issues surrounding the rights of minority groups.

See Dr Barelli's full staff profile

Professor David Collins

Professor David Collins is a Professor in Law at The City Law School. He is a Fellow of the Institute for Globalisation and International Regulation at Maastricht University, a Visiting Professor at Esade Law School and a Current Development Editor for the Manchester Journal of International Economic Law. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of International Economic Law of Georgetown University and at Columbia University Law School as well as a number of other academic institutions.

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Dr Jessica Corsi

Jessica's work focuses on how the law can prevent and alleviate violence and foster substantive and transformative equality.

See Dr Corsi' full staff profile

Dr Tom Davies

Dr Davies is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Politics. His researches focuses on international non-governmental organizations, global civil society and transnational history. He runs the Project on the Evolution of International Non-Governmental Organizations.

See Dr Davies' full staff profile

Dr Carmen Draghici

Dr Carmen Draghici is Reader in Law at The City Law School. Her research interests concern the practice of the European Court of Human Rights, domestic, EU and UN counter-terrorism regimes, and the responsibility of States and international organisations for breaches of human rights and humanitarian law. She has authored several scholarly articles and chapters published in UK, US and European journals and edited collections. Her current projects include developments in the international guarantees for the protection of the family life of cohabitees, same-sex couples and transgender persons.

See Dr Draghici's full staff profile

Ms Sandhya Drew

Sandhya Drew is a Senior Lecturer in the Bar Professional Training Course at The City Law School. She has a long history of practicing in national and international employment and public law and is a CEDR Qualified Mediator specialising in workplace and sports disputes.

See Sandhya Drew's full staff profile

Professor Elaine Fahey

Professor Elaine Fahey is Jean Monnet Chair of Law & Transatlantic Relations and Professor of Law at the Institute for the Study of European Law (ISEL).

See Prof Elaine Fahey's full staff profile

Dr Sabrina Germain

Dr Sabrina Germain is a Senior Lecturer in the Law School at City, University of London. Her research interests lie in the many connections between law and public policy. More particularly, Dr Germain is interested in the interaction between the public and private sector and the influence of private entities on the law-making process.

See Dr Germain's full staff profile

Dr Mazen Masri

Dr Mazen Masri is Lecturer in Law at The City Law School. His research focuses on the interaction between law and broader social, political and economic questions, in particular the legal aspects of the Israeli-Arab conflict.

See Dr Masri's full staff profile

Dr Jed Odermatt (co-convenor)

Dr Jed Odermatt is a Lecturer at the City Law School, City, University of London. His research interests include public international law, the law of international organizations, and EU external relations law.

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Dr Kseniya Oksamytna

Kseniya’s research interests are international organisations, peacekeeping and peacebuilding, and international norms.

See Dr Oksamytna's full staff profile

Dr Madura Rasaratnam

Dr Madura Rasaratnam is a Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics in the Department of International Politics at City, University of London. Her research interests are situated in the areas of comparative politics, conflict, conflict management and international interventions with a regional focus on the countries of south Asia, specifically India and Sri Lanka.

See Dr Madura Rasaratnam's full staff profile

Professor Katherine Reece Thomas

Professor Katherine Reece Thomas is Reader in Law at The City Law School. Her research interests include public international law and company law. She is an expert on the law of state immunity.

See Prof Katherine Reece Thomas' full staff profile

Dr Geoffrey Swenson

Dr Geoffrey Swenson is a Senior Lecturer in International Politics (Security). His research focuses on issues related to post-conflict reconstruction, democracy and the rule of law, legal pluralism, international relations theory, and foreign aid.

See Dr Geoffrey Swenson's full staff profile

Dr Andrew Wolman (co-convenor)

Andrew Wolman joined City Law School as a Lecturer in Law in September 2018. Dr Wolman’s research is focused on the development of refugee law and policy in East Asia, the international response to North Korean human rights violations, and the right to leave in the context of irregular migration.

See Dr Wolman's full staff profile

Dr Aldo Zammit Borda

Aldo is a Reader in Law at City, University of London. He previously served as Director of the Centre for Access to Justice and Inclusion at Anglia Ruskin University. His research focus lies in the area of International Criminal Justice.

See Dr Zammit Borda's full staff profile

Dr Tietie Zhang

Dr Tietie “Frank” Zhang is a Senior Lecturer in Law at City, University of London. His main research areas include international commercial arbitration, international trade law, and the Chinese legal system.

See Dr Frank Zhang's full staff profile

Dr Jure Zrilic

Jure’s research interests lie in public international law, international investment law and international arbitration. More specifically, his recent work examines the interplay between international investment law and other bodies of law, such as the law of armed conflict and global health.

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Affiliated Research Students

Alexandros-Catalin Bakos

Alexandros's research focuses on the interaction between international investment law and arbitration and economic sanctions. His thesis will focus on three aspects of this interaction.

Visit Alexandros's full student profile

Aminah Karim

Aminah’s thesis explores the atrocities committed during Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 and why such atrocities were not identified as a formal genocide by the international community.

Visit Aminah's full student profile

Zulker Nayeen

Zulker Nayeen's research focuses on how the competition between investor’s right to profit generation and host country’s expectation to uphold their sustainable development policies can be systematically resolved in investor-state arbitration.

Visit Zulker's full student profile

Andrea Pelliconi

Andrea Pelliconi is a PhD researcher at City, University of London. Her research focuses on violations of human rights caused by demographic engineering and forced migration. She is also specialized in refugee law and asylum.

Visit Andrea's full student profile

Shahd Qannam

Shahd is a PhD researcher at City, University of London. Her research interests lie in the fields of human rights law, refugee law, statelessness law, and international humanitarian law.

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Sahar Sadoughi

Sahar's research focuses on the critical analysis of international legal justice institutions and systems using a background in political philosophy and law. Before commencing her PhD, Sahar completed her Master of Laws at City Law School where her dissertation examined the proceedings addressing the Rohingya Genocide at the International Court of Justice and at the International Criminal Court. Her academic background is in political theory, philosophy, and ethics and supplemented by her Masters at King's College London in Global Ethics as well as a foundation in English Law. In addition to her academic work, Sahar has worked as a legal researcher and translator for various human rights advocacy organisations.

Visit Sahar's full student profile

Santosh Anand

Santosh's research focuses on the concept of international crime and seeks to critically study its historical formation and contemporary meaning under international law. He uses the framework of the Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) to develop a critical and contextual account of the concept investigating specifically the relationship of authority the concept of international crime helps institute between international law and third world.

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Daria Efimova

Daria's research interests include International Commercial Arbitration, Mediation & Negotiations, Investment Law, International Trade Law, and Contemporary IP issues.

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Christos Karetsos

Christos’s thesis is titled 'Navigating the Foreign Investment Control Landscape: FDI screening in the EU, US and the UK'. His thesis investigates the investment screening regimes in the EU, US, and the UK, aiming to identify major transnational trends.

Christos’s research is funded by City, University of London through the City Law School Doctoral Studentship.

Visit Christos’s full student profile

Tanvir Munim

Munim’s research focuses on Universal Jurisdiction and the International Criminal Court with particular emphasis on the ICC and its complementarity regime in promoting domestic exercise of Universal Jurisdiction for core international crimes.

Visit Munim’s full student profile

Mustafa Yilmaz

Mustafa has been specialising in commercial and maritime law for over four years. He is an admitted lawyer from the Ankara Bar Association. He is the author of the book "Legal Aspects of Autonomous Ships" (Original title in Turkish: Otonom Gemilerin Hukuki Boyutu), the first-ever monograph devoted to the legal implications of autonomous shipping.

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Upcoming events

The Facebook / Meta Oversight Board: International and Regional Law Applications

, 18:00 – 19:30


Prof. Laurence R. Helfer Duke University School of Law, University of Copenhagen – iCourts – Centre of Excellence for International Courts

Prof. Molly K. Land University of Connecticut School of Law

Dr Richard Danbury Senior Lecturer in Journalism, School of Communication & Creativity, City, University of London,

Stefania Di Stefano PhD Researcher in International Law, Geneva Graduate Institute

Prof. Elaine Fahey Professor of Law, Jean Monnet Chair in Law & Transatlantic Relations, City Law School

Jed Odermatt Senior Lecturer, City Law School

Past Events 2021-22

Honorary Professor Richard Meeran “Business & Human Rights Litigation"

, 18:00 – 19:30


Speaker: Richard Meeran, Partner at Leigh Day, Honorary Professor, City Law School

Chair: Jed Odermatt, City Law School, International Law and Affair Group

Decolonising Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law

12 December 2022, 17:00 – 18:00

Speaker: Professor William Schabas (Professor of International Law, Middlesex University School of Law)

Chair: Dr Andrew Wolman, City Law School, International Law and Affair Group

Book Launch: 'International Law and the European Union' by Jed Odermatt

Thursday 17 November 2022, 17:00-18:15


  • Geert De Baere, Judge at the General Court of the European Union October 2017.
  • Isabelle Van Damme is Partner at Van Bael & Bellis
  • Jed Odermatt, City Law School, International Law and Affair Group

Presenter: Dr Alexander Gilder, University of Reading School of Law

Chair: Prof. Elaine Fahey, City Law School

Strongmen Saviours: A Political Economy of Populism in India, Turkey, Russia and Brazil – Book Talk by Deepanshu Mohan and Abhinav Padmanabhan

Tuesday 27 September 2022, 17:00-19:00

Chair: Sandhya Drew, Senior Lecturer, City Law School

Speakers: Deepanshu Mohan, Abhinav Padmanabhan

Discussant: Dr Madura Rasaratnam, Senior Lecturer in Comparative Politics, Department of International Politics at City, University of London

Book Launch: 'Stabilization and Human Security in UN Peace Operations' by Alexander Gilder

9 March 2022, 17:00-18:15

Presenter: Dr Alexander Gilder, University of Reading School of Law

Discussant: Dr Kseniya Oksamytna, City, University of London, Department of International Politics

Chair: Dr Andrew Wolman, City Law School, International Law and Affair Group

In the Name of Islam, the Syariah and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

23 March 2022, 17:00-18:00

Presenter: Nurhalida Mohamed Khalil, Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya and Visiting Fellow, City Law School

Chair: Dr Andrew Wolman, City Law School, International Law and Affair Group

The Crime against Humanity of Apartheid: from South Africa to North Korea, Palestine and Myanmar – or: why has nobody been prosecuted (yet)?

3 November 2021, 17:00-18:00

Presenter: Dr Carola Lingaas, Associate Professor of Law, VID Specialized University (Oslo, Norway)

Chair: Dr Andrew Wolman, City Law School, International Law and Affairs Group

Book Talk: ‘Minorities and the Making of Postcolonial States in International Law’

17 November 2021, 17:00-18:15

Presenter: Professor Mohammad Shahabuddin, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham

Discussant: Aminah Karim, City Law School, International Law and Affairs Group

Chair: Dr Andrew Wolman, City Law School, International Law and Affairs Group

General and Complete Disarmament: Contemporary Perspectives on World Peace Through World Law


Session 1: Reforming the UN for Decisive Action in the Security Field
1st September 2021, 16:00-18:00 UK time

Matthew Bolton – Pace University
Ian Hurd – Northwestern University
Cecilie Hellestveit – Norwegian Academy of International Law

Session 2: The Establishment of a UN Peace Force
15th September 2021, 16:00-17:30 UK time

Chiara Ruffa – Uppsala University
Alexander Gilder – Royal Holloway, London
Lenneke Sprik – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Session 3: Making World Courts Fit for General and Complete Disarmament
29th September 2021, 16:00-17:30 UK time

Jason Ralph – University of Leeds
Emilia Justyna Powell – University of Notre Dame
Cecilia Marcela Bailliet – University of Oslo

Session 4: General and Complete Disarmament as a Near Term Objective Without UN Reform
13th October 2021, 16:00-17:30 UK time

Henrietta Wilson – University of Bristol
Clara Portela – University of Valencia
Benoît Pelopidas – Sciences Po
Dan Plesch – SOAS

Past events 2020-21

Book Launch - ‘The Interplay between the EU's Return Acquis and International Law’ by Tamás Molnár

5.00pm - 6.15pm,  16th June 2021

Discussants: Professor Paul James Cardwell, University of Strathclyde, Professor Elspeth Guild, Queen Mary, University of London
ChairDr Andrew Wolman, City Law School, International Law and Affairs Group

Legal Justifications for Gender Parity on the Bench of the International Court of Justice

5.00pm - 6.00pm, Wednesday 26th May 2021

SpeakerJessica Corsi, City Law School and City's Violence and Society Centre
ChairJed Odermatt, City Law School
DiscussantJ. Jarpa Dawuni, Associate Professor of Political Science at Howard University

Making and Unmaking the Post-colonial State – Kashmir as the Wild Zone of Sovereignty

5.00pm - 6.15pm, Wednesday 28th April 2021

Speaker: Rohini Sen, Jindal Global Law School, O.P Jindal Global University
ChairJed Odermatt, City Law School

Webinar: Human Rights, Poverty, and Capitalism: Exploring the Value of an Institutionalist Approach

5.00pm - 6.15pm  Wednesday 17th March 2021

Speaker: Dr Anna Chadwick, University of Glasgow
Discussant: Dr Grietje Baars, Reader in Law & Social Change, City Law School
ChairJed Odermatt, City Law School

Webinar: The Litigation of Community Interests before the ICJ: From Belgium v. Senegal to The Gambia v. Myanmar

5.00pm - 6.15pm  Wednesday 17th November 2020

Speaker: Dr Marco Longobardo, University of Glasgow
Chair: Jed Odermatt, City Law School
Discussants: Andrea Maria Pelliconi and Aminah Karim (City Law School)

Webinar: The European Union’s External Action and International Law: A View From the Outside

12 Jun 2020

The City Law School, International Law and Affairs Group (ILAG) and the ESIL Interest Group on the EU as a Global Actor will host a webinar on ‘The European Union’s External Action and International Law: A View From the Outside’ on 12 June 2020.

The event will be convened by Jed Odermatt, City Law School, and Ramses A. Wessel, University of Groningen.

Webinar: The Law of Facebook: Borders, Regulation and Global Social Media

15 May 2020

Speakers: Dr. Stephen Allen, Queen Mary University of London School of Law; Professor Elaine Fahey, City Law School, City, University of London; Dr. Kate Klonick, St. Johns University Law School, author of ‘Creating Global Governance for Online Speech: The Development of Facebook’s Oversight Board’, 129 YALE L. J. (forthcoming 2020); Professor Andrew Murray, London School of Economics Law Department; Dr. Jed Odermatt , City, University of London;Dr. Maria Tzanou, Keele University School of Law

A Tale of Two Duties: Comparing the scope and effectiveness of UK and French National Law on Supply Chains and Fundamental Rights

29 January 2020

Speakers: Professeur Sarah Bros, Ms Sandhya Drew

Justice for All, and How to Achieve It

30 October, 2019

Speakers: Sir Geoffrey Nice, QC
Chair: Jed Odermatt, City Law School

How global is cyber law regulation?

16 July, 2019

Speakers: François Delerue, Research Fellow in cyberdefense and international law at the Institute for Strategic Research (Insitut de Recherche Stratégique de l’École Militaire– IRSEM) Paris ‘How International law applies to Cyberspace’ (forthcoming with Cambridge University Press), Russell Buchan, Senior Lecturer in International Law, University of Sheffield , Elaine Fahey, City Law School, Robin Sellers, Barrister, Senior Lecturer and External CPD Consultant, City Law School

Regional Approaches to International law

3 July, 2019

Speakers: Lauri Mälksoo, University of Tartu, Estonia , Wim Muller, Maastricht University, the Netherlands, Mauro Barelli, City Law School, Matthieu Burnay, Queen Mary, University of London, Elizabeth O’Loughlin, City Law School (discussant)
Chair: Jed Odermatt, City Law School

Comparative Methodologies and Global Law

18 June, 2019

Speakers: Veronika Fikfak, University of Cambridge, Liora Lazarus, Universty of Oxford, Jacco Bomhoff, London School of Economics, Elizabeth O’Loughlin, City Law School (Chair)

The Corporation, Law and Capitalism: A Radical Perspective on the Role of Law in the Global Political Economy

16th May 2019

Speakers: Professor Susan Marks, Professor of International Law, Department of Law, LSE; Professor Dan Danielsen, Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Program on the Corporation, Law and Global Society, School of Law, Northeastern University; Dr Emily Jones, Lecturer, School of Law, University of Essex And the author;  Dr Grietje Baars, Senior Lecturer, The City Law School, City, University of London
Chair: Jed Odermatt, City Law School

The National versus the foreigner in South America: 200 Years of Migration and Citizenship Law

10th April 2019

Speaker: Dr Diego Acosta Arcarazo, University of Bristol
Chair: Jed Odermatt, City Law School

Sanctions: Where Next?

13th March 2019

Speaker: Maya Lester QC, Brick Court Chambers
Chair: Jed Odermatt, City Law School

City Law Alumnae Network Panel Discussion about the Practice of Human Rights Law

6th February 2019

Guest Speakers: Antonia Benfield - Doughty Street Chambers, Megan Goulding - Liberty, Keina Yoshida - Doughty Street Chambers and Basmah Sahib - Bindmans LLP

International Courts and the Populist Onslaught: The Case of the European Court of Human Rights

27th February 2019

Speaker: Prof Mikael Rask Madsen, Director, Centre of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts)
Chair: Jed Odermatt, City Law School

Find out about our past seminars.


Browse our latest publications on City Research Online

Below is a selection of publications released by group members:


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