Digital Trade

The Digital Trade Research Group

About the group

The Digital Trade Research Group brings together academics and professional business advisors to explore some of the pressing legal and commercial issues facing enterprises engaged in cross-border e-commerce, such as electronic contracts, data protection and privacy, intellectual property and the implementation of new strategies in digital marketing.

It investigates the impact of disruptive technologies including AI, de-centralization and blockchain. The group also considers the regulatory aspects of digital trade contained in modern international trade agreements, developing policy advice for governments, inter-governmental organizations and other research bodies.

The group explores issues in transatlantic and global trade relations concerning data protection, intellectual property and trade in services more broadly.

Projects and activities

“E-Commerce Strategies for London’s Creative Sector” supported by an Industrial Strategy Seed Fund from City, University of London in 2018.


‘Cryptocurrencies – a legal dilemma of the digital age’ Maciej Hulicki, International Trade Law and Regulation [2019]

The Public International Law of Trade in Legal Services (Cambridge University Press, 2018) David Collins

“The CPTPP and Digital Trade: Embracing E-Commerce Opportunities for SMEs in Japan and Canada” Yoshinori Abe and David Collins, Transnational Dispute Management [2018]

“E-Commerce Strategies for London's Creative Sector” Stephen Bardle and David Collins (2018)

“GDPR and E-Commerce” David Collins and Eric Klotz (2018)


Professor David Collins, Professor of International Economic Law, City, University of London

Group Convenor

Ben Robinson, Student Development Manager, City, University of London

Professor Elaine Fahey, Professor of Law and Associate Dean (Research), City, University of London

Isabella Mancini (PhD Candidate), City, University of London

External members

  • Professor Yoshinori Abe, Gakushuin University Law School (Tokyo)
  • Dr Tae Jung Park, University of Virginia Law School
  • Dr Maciej Hulicki, Faculty of Law and Administration, University Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski (Warsaw)
  • Prof Manuel Quindimil, American Chamber of Commerce, Peru