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Welcome to the the Centre for City Criminology.


Based in the heart of London, a global city par excellence, City Criminologists study what is at their door-step: the key institutions of government, policy-making and the media; extreme socio-economic divides between globalisation’s winners and losers; offenders, victims, the police and criminal justice agencies; cutting-edge street culture and everyday urban life. Dedicated to sophisticated, sociologically-inspired analysis, we examine the big ideas that underpin crime and criminal justice in contemporary society.

Our activities and events are inspired by the notion that theoretical innovation, clear thinking and rigorous research can offer much to scholars and practitioners alike. We are committed to multi-disciplinarity, collaboration and openness. We welcome a wide variety of interested parties to our events. We are keen to hear from organisations who will be interested in meeting and/or working with us and from individuals who would be interested in undertaking PhD study.


The Centre for City Criminology has a membership with diverse research interests and specialisms. With expertise on topics from the interplay between media coverage, political strategies and policy processes, to what criminal offending and the experience of crime victimisation look like in the 21st Century, and more, our team is at the forefront of contemporary criminology.

Dr Carrie Ann Myers

Dr Emmeline Taylor

Dr Gemma Birkett

Dr Jonathan Ilan

Dr Katrin Hohl

Professor Chris Greer

Professor Chris Rojek

Professor Eugene McLaughlin

Studying Criminology at City

There are exciting opportunities to study with us at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Our  BSc (Hons) Criminology explores the complex and interconnected issues of crime, criminal behaviour and criminal justice.

Discover what makes crime captivating with our Criminology and Criminal Justice MSc.


A broad range of organisations and individuals may find that they have something to gain by attending our events, reading our material, or engaging in discussions with us. This applies to the government, voluntary and community sectors and beyond.

We are keen to explore ways of developing mutually beneficial partnership and to work in novel ways.

Please email the Centre Director Jonathan Ilan to discuss possibilities for working with us.

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