Human-Computer Interaction Design

Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design

The Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design (HCID) is one of the longest established HCI groups in the UK. We take great pride in our outstanding research, teaching, and consultancy services. Our prime focus is the relationship between people and technology, with the aim of designing productive, engaging and equitable futures.


Research in HCID covers a broad range of topics and design-oriented studies and interventions. Our work falls between three intersecting axes of research.

  1. The study of individual and social issues arising from and surrounding the proliferation of information and communication technologies.
  2. The development of design methods that enable us to engage with people and communities and explore new technological possibilities.
  3. The prototyping of interactive systems that use existing and novel technologies in response to real-world needs.


Staff in HCID channel their research excellence into teaching.

We offer a full-time/part-time MSc in Human-Computer Interaction Design (HCID) which prioritises professional skill development in user research and user experience (UX) and places a distinctive focus on just and fair technology design for all. This programme empowers students to think in new ways about design, providing new perspectives and encouraging an orientation towards human-centred and socially impactful outcomes.

Our programme strikes the perfect balance between fundamental HCI theory and practical skills, with strong feed-in from cutting-edge HCI research and UX industry. This programme attracts high-calibre students and has excellent employability outcomes, allowing students to excel in UX design, research and mixed design/research/consultancy roles. It also includes an internship route, allowing students to gain valuable hands-on UX experience.

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UX Consultancy

Building on our strong research and teaching, we offer consultancy services targeting impactful user experience (UX), usability and interaction design.

Through our professionally equipped Interaction Lab, we collect user insights and transform them into digital products that meet the needs of our clients and their target audience. As a University consultancy, our team is in the unique position to support the exciting academic research and teaching going on within our Centre and bring this expertise to our external commercial clients. Established in 2006, our team has worked on projects for organisations of all sizes including The BBC, The AA, Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Cancer Research UK.

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