Economic Theory, Design and Behaviour

Economic Theory, Design and Behaviour Group

The research of the Economic Theory, Design and Behaviour Group focuses on the design and analysis of markets and other economic institutions, as well as economic experiments, behavioural game theory, models of bounded rationality and decision theory.


Dr Xeni Dassiou

Xeni's research is in the field of Miccroeconomic Theory, specifically Industrial Econonmics, competition policy, as well as more recently working in the interface between market stucture and finance

Dr Sotiris Georganas

Sotiris' primary area of research until now has been in auction experiments, models of bounded rationality and applied game theory. In general Sotiris is interested in many, quite diverse areas of economics, ranging from experimental economics, game theory and bounded rationality to political economy, urban economics and trade.

Dr Sergiu Ungureanu

Sergiu's main focus is microeconomic theory, with interests in decision theory and behavioural economics. He worked extensively on a classical rational decision theory account of behavioural observations like loss aversion and probability weightings, which are summarised in prospect theory. The goal is to use a bounded rationality mechanism which, when paired with other regular/classical assumptions, predicts the experimental biases observed.

Professor Klaus G. Zauner 

Klaus' research focuses on explaining the observed behaviour in experiments that is at odds with standardd economic theory using noisy payoffs and other-regarding preferences in classical strategic situations like ultimatum bargaining games or dynamic versions of the prisoners' dilemma. Recently, puzzled about issues of corporate asset stripping and tunnelling in transitional economies, he has started to investigate the impact of private benefits of control of managers on the investment behaviour of firms.

PhD students

  • Anushree Parekh (supervisor: Dr A. Nikandrova)
  • Lazaros Chatzilazarou (from September 2022, supervisors Claudia Cerrone, Sotiris Georganas and Christoph Schlegel)
  • Karan Vishwanath (supervisors Xeni Dassiou and Saqib Jaffarey)
  • Hantao Jiao (supervisors: Dr. Xiaogang Che and Professor Giulia Iori)

Past PhD students

Domile Butkeviciute, completed 2017,

  • Title: "Consumer Preferences and Loyalty Discounts: The Case of the UK Grocery Retail Market".
  • Supervisor: Dr Xeni Dassiou.
  • First placement:  KPMG (competition economics unit)



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News and Events

13th Workshop on the Economics of Advertising and Marketing, City, 24-25 June 2022: In June 2022, the Economics Department at City hosted the 13th Workshop on the Economics of Advertising and Marketing.

City Economic Theory Workshop: In June 2022, the research center hosted a two day conference in Economic Theory

1st UK Matching workshop: In March 2020, the Economics Department at City hosted the 1st UK Matching Workshop