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International Policy

Global Future Worlds

Leaders in a range of organisational settings now face the unprecedented challenge of steering their operations through an extended period of ambiguity as the world transitions to a new and as yet undefined world order.

Research across a range of academic disciplines can help leaders and their organisations to meet this challenge.

The Global Future Worlds project aims to bring together academic thought and research in the areas of international politics, business strategy, leadership and the management of change to help leaders from the public and private sectors to succeed in this ambiguous and potentially volatile environment.

The objectives of the Global Future Worlds project are to provide:

  • A research environment to explore issues that are relevant for leaders both in the private and public sectors
  • Access to established approaches, processes and techniques, drawn from academic research that can assist organisations in times of ambiguity and uncertainty
  • A forum for discussion and debate where representatives from business, government, non-governmental and civil society organisations can exchange and develop views with interested academics.

Planned activities and impact

From 2013 the activities will embrace:

  1. The development and publication of at least one research paper a year. The topics will be defined through research among leaders to identify their most pressing needs
  2. An annual workshop to allow the presentation of research material from both the Global Future Worlds project and other research and thought streams from City, University of London, Cass Business School and other relevant institutions
  3. An online forum to allow discussion and the sharing of research material.

Current research

In the immediate future, research will be focused on two areas:

  1. The development of a future scenario set exploring future world orders, transition pathways and the broad implications for leaders especially in the areas of strategy, competences and the management of change. The scenarios will explore the future role of state actors and the impact of non-state actors, particularly social movements, in the formation of alternative world orders.
  2. User research among organisational leaders to define research topics for exploration and publication in 2014/15.