Centre for Applied Vision Research
  1. Visual Neuroscience and Psychophysics
  2. Ocular Optics and Instrumentation
  3. Ophthalmic Assessments and Patient Outcomes following Ophthalmic Interventions
  4. Visual Development and Plasticity
  5. Ophthalmic Public Health
  6. Measurement Techniques in Vision

Visual Neuroscience and Psychophysics

The disciplines within this group seek to explain mechanisms of vision from the retina to the cortex using a range of techniques based on the measurement of involuntary responses, brain imaging, behavioural studies and visual psychophysics.

The Visual Neuroscience labs study how cells along the visual pathway, from the photoreceptors of the retina to the neurons of the visual centres of the brain, process visual information. The work focuses on understanding the properties of visual mechanisms in a variety of species, using anatomical, biochemical, physiological and behaviourally based experimental techniques.

The majority of group members focus on the use of visual psychophysics to study the properties of both low and high level visual mechanisms. Emphasis is placed on studying subjects with damaged visual pathways and / or retinal and systemic diseases that affect vision. As a result, new tests that are specific for detecting early degradation of spatial vision, retinal inhibitory interactions, loss of chromatic sensitivity, binocular summation and motion perception have been developed and found important clinical applications. Improved understanding of the interaction of photoreceptor signals and the corresponding vision changes in the mesopic range led to new developments in lighting with direct application to residential streets. The group is also at the forefront internationally in developing standards for spatial and colour vision within visually-demanding occupations with new pass / fail limits for pilots, seafarers, fire-fighters and London Transport train drivers.


  • Dr William Blows
  • Dr Keith May
  • Dr Marisa Rodriguez-Carmona
  • Professor Christopher Tyler

PhD Students

  • Ruba Allisa
  • Julia Foerster
  • Joseph Hickey
  • Arjan Keuken
  • Roopa Vemala


2010, The visual pigments of the African clawed toad, Xenopus laevi. Awarded to R.H. Douglas Nuffield Foundation. £1,140.

2010, Aspects of the visual systems of mesopelagic deep-sea fish. Awarded to R.H. Douglas. Royal Society. £2.271

2011-2014, Effects of altitude hypoxia on visual performance. Awarded to JL Barbur Qinetiq Ltd £38,400

2014, Visiting Fellowship. Awarded to JL Barbur JSPS (Japan) £7,000

2008-2010, Pupil Control Mechanisms and Clinical Applications Awarded to JL Barbur Sasakawa Foundation £15,000

2011-2014, Mapping and remapping of visual space. Awarded to M. Morgan (PI) JA Solomon, S. Grant. Wellcome Trust. £314,000

2011-2014, Efficiency of Visual Statistics. Awarded to JA Solomon, M. Morgan, C Chubb. EPSRC. £541,000

Start Date to be confirmed, New methodologies to explain and improve the expert anticipatory advantage in sports decision making. Awarded to K. Yarrow with J. Solomon BBSRC £477,294

2012-2014, Visual Recognition's Advantage over Reproduction. Awarded to J. Solomon. Royal Society, £9,200

2011-2014, Human Oculomotor Functions & Their Deficits in Traumatic Brain Injury. Awarded to C.Tyler Agency CDMRP $1,257,343

2006-2011, Core Grant for Vision Research. Awarded to C.Tyler NIH/NEI $3,487,518

2008-2010, Short-, Medium- and Long-Term Neural Dynamics of Conceptual Learning. Awarded to C.Tyler NSF/SLC $298,000

2008-2010, Learning in the Sighted and the Blind through Different Sensory Modalities: Structure and Dynamics of Cortical Reorganization Awarded to C.Tyler NSF/SLC $300,000

2008-2009, NSF Workshop on Art, Creativity and Learning. Awarded to C.Tyler NSF/SLC $17,000

2006-2008, High Resolution fMRI Mapping of the Human Foveal Projection Awarded to C.Tyler Pacific Vision Foundation $26,000



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