Centre for Applied Vision Research
  1. Visual Neuroscience and Psychophysics
  2. Ocular Optics and Instrumentation
  3. Ophthalmic Assessments and Patient Outcomes following Ophthalmic Interventions
  4. Visual Development and Plasticity
  5. Ophthalmic Public Health
  6. Measurement Techniques in Vision

Ocular Optics and Instrumentation

The Ocular Optics and Instrumentation group brings together physicists and vision scientists who develop novel methods for imaging and evaluating the eye in health and disease. The overall aim of the group is to better understand optical and neural factors that affect vision. Current projects focus on retinal imaging using structured illumination, in vitro and in vivo light scatter measurements and novel tests for acuity at photopic and mesopic light levels.

Funding has been received from research councils, charities and industry and currently supports seven research students, one research assistant and two research technicians. Research collaborations include UCL, Royal Holloway and Sheffield Universities, Qinetiq, Advanced Vision Sciences Inc and Lein Diagnostics (industry) and Moorfields Eye Hospital and Sussex Eye Hospital (NHS).


PhD Students

  • Sabah Chetty
  • Evangelia Fillippaki
  • Hannah Gillespie-Gallery
  • Yingxin Jia
  • Emily Patterson
  • Will Searle
  • Massimo Turola


2011-2015 Optimisation of mesopic illumination for residential streets. Awarded to JL Barbur, S Fotios (Sheffield) and P Raynham (UCL) EPSRC £1,220,000

2011-2014, Extension of CAD test in occupational environments. Awarded to JL Barbur and M Rodriguez-Carmona Colt Foundation £107,979

2011-2014, Minimum Colour Vision Requirements Awarded to JL Barbur UK Civil Aviation Authority £38,400

2011-2014, The effect of intraocular lens glistening on light scatter. Awarded to CC Hull Advanced Vision Science Inc £28,500

2010-2013, eyeVisor: a comprehensive portable visual testing system Awarded to S Gruppetta and D Crabb Emerald Fund. £40,000

2010, Effect of Hyperglycaemia on the ex-vivo bovine crystalline lens. Awarded to John Lawrenson CC Hull Lein Applied Diagnostics £50,101

2010-2013, Street lighting glare: a study of discomfort glare using light scatter and fMRI. Awarded to JL Barbur, P Raynham (UCL) and A Smith (RH) EPSRC £651,950

2009-2010, Early Detection of AMD and other retinal diseases. Awarded to JL Barbur Emerald Fund £10,000

2008-2009, Application of Structured Illumination Microscopy for 3-Dimensional Imaging of the Human Retina In-Vivo. Awarded to S. Gruppetta EPSRC £171,000



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