Centre for Applied Vision Research
  1. Visual Neuroscience and Psychophysics
  2. Ocular Optics and Instrumentation
  3. Ophthalmic Assessments and Patient Outcomes following Ophthalmic Interventions
  4. Visual Development and Plasticity
  5. Ophthalmic Public Health
  6. Measurement Techniques in Vision

Measurement Techniques in Vision

The group's research focuses on measurement in vision including: perimetry, visual fields, imaging, visual function, eye movements, quality of life measures, reading performance, and medical statistics. The group contains a lively mixture of optometrists, vision scientists, ophthalmologists, psychologists, mathematicians and computer scientists that have produced 43 outputs in A or A* ERA ranked journals since 2010 and gained over £1.4 million since 2008. One of the prominent diseases studied is glaucoma with a particular interest in relating the different stages in the disease process to patient's visual disability. Other areas of interest include improving the clinical measurements used for macular disease and diabetic retinopathy.


PhD Students

  • Luke Saunders
  • Vera Moenter
  • Trushal Boodnah
  • Bruno Fidalgo
  • Ahmed Abdul-Hay
  • Irene Ctori


2013-2016, Multispectral Imaging Retinal Densitometer Awarded to D Melotte, A Binns, T Margrain, C Bailey, D Atkinson, S Todd. NIHR £844,019

2012-2014, Evaluating the Revision Programme. Awarded to C Dickinson, A Subramanian and R Harper Macular Disease Society £36,217

2012-2015, Low-Level Night-Time Light Therapy for Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Awarded to A Binns, T Margrain and C Bailey The College of Optometrists £53,000

2012, A Systematic Review of Eccentric Viewing Training Awarded to A Binns and T Margrain. The Macular Society £17,532

2012-2015, An investigation of the role of hypoxia as a functional biomarker for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awarded to A Binns and T Margrain Cardiff University Endowment Studentship £26,323

2011-2014, Complex data management, knowledge extraction and computerised clinical decision support for chronic disease Management (80%FEC) Dr Haogang Zhu and D Crabb NIHR Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Scheme £292,833

2011, Vertical Reading in people with homonymous hemianopia Awarded to A Subramanian College of Optometrists £1,550

2011-2015, Development of an imaging retinal densitometer Awarded to T Margrain, A Binns and C Tucker Cardiff University President's Research Studentship £53,000

2010-2011, Development of an imaging retinal densitometer Dr David Atkinson (UKATC) Co-Investigators: Awarded to D Atkinson, A Binns, T Margrain, C Bailey, D Melotte and S Todd. NIHR £86,600

2010-2013, Application of Psychophysical Models to Visual Disorders (approx. 10% FEC) Dr W Swanson ( University of Indiana USA) and D Crabb US National Institute for Health (NIH) £1,480,000

2010-2011, Eyecatcher Awarded to D. Crabb City University Research Competition £40,000

2010-2014, Unrestricted donation to research laboratory Allergan Inc., Awarded to D. Crabb Irvine CA, US. £35,000

2009-2011, The role of the Eye Care Liaison Officer. Awarded to A Subramanian & M Conway RNIB £56,739

2009, Vertical Reading in normally sighted adults. Awarded to A Subramanian Royal Society £2,300

2009-2011, How does glaucoma look? Awarded to D. Crabb International Glaucoma Association £21,216

2009-2012, Visual impairment and Quality of Life in glaucoma (charity) Awarded to D.Crabb NHS Moorfields Eye Hospital Special Trustees. £47,000

2009-2011, eyeVisor: a comprehensive portable visual function testing system. Awarded to D.Crabb and S Grupetta Emerald Fund Standard Grant, London Development Agency. £40,000

2009, Unrestricted donation to research laboratory. Awarded to D Crabb Allergan Inc., Irvine CA, US. £20,000

2008-2012, Visual disability in glaucoma (100% FEC) Awarded to D. Crabb Pfizer Inc., New York, US. £68,427

2008-2009, Detecting Glaucoma: PC based perimetry. (80% FEC). Awarded to D.Crabb NHS New and Emerging Applications of Technology (NEAT) Awards £58,646

2008-2011, Biological shape analyses of optic nerve head images (Charity) Awarded to DP Crabb and S Vernon (University of Nottingham) UK Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. £156,145



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