Centre for Applied Vision Research
  1. Visual Neuroscience and Psychophysics
  2. Ocular Optics and Instrumentation
  3. Ophthalmic Assessments and Patient Outcomes following Ophthalmic Interventions
  4. Visual Development and Plasticity
  5. Ophthalmic Public Health
  6. Measurement Techniques in Vision

Ophthalmic Public Health Group

The interests of ophthalmic public health group lie primarily in chronic eye diseases in the elderly, (particularly glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration) and visual disorders in children. The current research of the ophthalmic public health research group covers improved methods of screening to identify risk factors of early disease, and the effective management and prevention of ophthalmic conditions. There is a particular emphasis on the evaluation of models of eye care service delivery and research. The group combine a variety of research methodologies, which include research synthesis in the form of systematic reviews and primary research which typically uses a mixed methods approach.

This group belongs to both the Centre for Public Health Research and the Centre for Applied Vision Research.


PhD students

  • Trishal Boodhna
  • Irene Ctori
  • Priya Dabasia
  • Bruno Fidalgo
  • Yvonne Gerard
  • Helen Gibbons 
  • Hanna Gillespie-Gallery
  • Vera Moenter


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2012-2015. Enhanced Scheme Evaluation Project. College of Optometrists. Lawrenson, J., Harper, R., Edgar D . £294.287

2012-2015. Equipment and Eyecare. College of Optometrists and Optivue Inc. Lawrenson. J ., Garway-Heath, D. £92,104

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2011-14 Measurements in glaucoma: What matters to the patient? Merck Investigator Studies Program. Crabb, D. £114,000

2011-14 Complex data management, knowledge extraction and computerised clinical decision support for chronic disease Management. NIHR Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Scheme Zhu, H, Crabb, D. £292,833

2011-14 Frequency of visual field testing when monitoring patients newly diagnosed with glaucoma NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) Program. Crabb, D. , Bronze, C., Garway-Heath, D, Hernndez, R, Lemer, C. £295,000

2011-13 Curriculum review for evidence-based practice in Australasian optometry. Australian Learning and Teaching Council. Suttle C and Jalbert I. AUD217,000

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