Centre for Applied Vision Research
  1. Visual Neuroscience and Psychophysics
  2. Ocular Optics and Instrumentation
  3. Ophthalmic Assessments and Patient Outcomes following Ophthalmic Interventions
  4. Visual Development and Plasticity
  5. Ophthalmic Public Health
  6. Measurement Techniques in Vision

Visual Development and Plasticity

The Visual Development & Plasticity Group investigates impairments in visual perception, cognitive functions and/or visuomotor control in patients (children and adults) with relatively common neuro-developmental disorders, such as amblyopia, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). Approaches include visual psychophysics, electrophysiology (EOG, ERG, VEP) and hand- and eye-movement recordings. Major research focuses involve detailed evaluations of the relative efficacies of conventional (i.e., refractive adaptation and patching) versus novel (perceptual learning) therapies in mediating the neuro-plasticity necessary to reverse the visual and visuomotor deficits associated with amblyopia, and applications aimed at enhancing understanding of the cellular pathologies of ASD and ROP and improving their electrodiagnosis.



2011-2015, Amblyopia:neural mechanisms of treatment Awarded to CE Stewart NIHR £99,000

2011-2015, Amblyopia:neural mechanisms of treatment extra . Awarded to CE Stewart NIHR £40,000

2011-2013, Curriculum Review for Evidence-based Practice in Australasian Optometry. Awarded to C Suttle, I Jalbert, P Hendicott, R Jacobs, B Junghans, K Pesudovs, M Pianta, F Stapleton, R Thompson, L Togher, H Weisinger. Australian Learning and Teaching Council (now the Office for Learning and Teaching) AUD 217,000

2010-2011, Effects of abnormal binocular vision on eye-hand voordination in children Awarded to S Grant & J Sloper (MEH) The Special Trustees of Moorfields Eye Hospital £25,006

2010, Major Research Equipment and Infrastructure Initiative Awarded to C Suttle, S Khuu, M Boon, L Asper University of New South Wales AUD 53,000

2009-2012, Visual Function in autism. Awarded to P. Constable College of Optometrists £30,000

2009-2014, Personalising patching for amblyopia treatment. Awarded to CE Stewart and MJ Moseley NIHR £215,249

2009-2010, A digital measuring spoon to optimise occlusion therapy Awarded to CE Stewart. Emerald Fund £40,000.



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