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Profile page of Mr Braiam Escobar-Restrepo

Contact information


Main Project(s)

Quantification of lower limb electromyography (EMG) on stroke patients during isometric force target-matching protocols: muscle synergy analysis using PCA and ICA algorithms.
Development of a novel clinical decision tool to support clinicians dealing with chronic critical ill patients based on retrospective cohort studies carried out on the MIMIC II database.
Non-invasive continuous blood pressure measurement based on pulse transit time: algorithm and device development - Current


Braiam Escobar Restrepo received his degree in Biomedical engineering (BSc Hons) from EIA University and CES University in 2012. He is currently enrolled as external PhD student at City University London. Nowadays he works as a research engineer at the Bioinstrumentation and signal processing lab at EIA University on a project related with non-invasive blood pressure measurement. Braiam is also a collaborator for SANA ( projects and events in Colombia and actively participates in research projects with the Laboratory for Computational Physiology at Harvard-MIT. Through his research, Braiam seeks to enhance continuous blood pressure monitoring on ICU environments by means of a non-invasive technique using pulse transit time. His research involves hardware design, robust signal processing and algorithm development for an integrated medical device capable of tracking blood pressure changes in clinical settings.