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Project structure

WP1: MGT system optimisation for CSP with thermal storage

This WP will involve the use of commercial tools and internally developed code at City, University of London to find the optimum cycle architecture and operating parameters.

WP2: System component improvements to match the optimum cycle design

In this WP all partners will cooperate to improve the design of the solar system components to match the optimum cycle structure.

WP3: System components manufacturing

This WP include building the MGT components by City and Samad Power, while Zhejiang University and SUPCON will build the dish system and thermal storage.

WP4 & WP5: Testing and system integration

The MGT will be first tested at City with simulated solar input and the thermal storage delivered by Zhejiang. The system will be then transferred to Zhejiang for the plant integration at the testing site.

WP6: Techno-economic and market studies

This WP identifies the optimum route to market the solar dish system with integrated thermal storage.