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NextORC project structure

In order to meet the project objectives, a comprehensive work programme has been prepared to enable the successful completion of the project. The work programme consists of four main work packages:

WP1: Design and off-design modelling of ORC radial turbines

This work package will focus on the design and modelling of radial turboexpanders for ORC systems. This will involve the use, and further development, of 1D modelling techniques and CFD simulations to characterise the design and off-design performance of radial turbines, accounting for real-gas effects and the effect of the high-speed flows that are commonplace in these machines.

WP2: Two-phase screw expander modelling

This work package aims to develop fundamental understanding of two-phase expansion, and integrate it with improved performance models for screw expanders. Results from the experimental work, and input from Heliex Power, will guide the development and validation of 1D and 3D computational models.

WP3: Experimental validation

A comprehensive experimental work programme is planned, which will complement the modelling activities completed in work packages 1 and 2. An existing screw-expander test facility will be upgraded and used to characterise the in-chamber fluid pressure during filling, expansion and discharge processes, whilst investigating how this pressure is influenced by two-phase inlet conditions and port geometry. Furthermore, a turbine cascade will be installed to this existing facility to investigate how non-ideal gas effects within turbine passages affect turbine performance.

WP4: Full cycle modelling and optimisation

The final work package brings the other work packages together, and involves conducting a number of rigorous comparisons of different cycle configurations. The results will be used to make recommendations on the future direction of small and mini-scale ORC power systems.