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Software Reliability

SESAMO - Security and Safety Modelling

Staff and Funding

Principal Investigators: Prof Lorenzo Strigini

Contact People: Prof Lorenzo Strigini, Dr Peter Popov

Co-investigators: Prof Robin Bloomfield,  Dr Andrey Povyakalo, Dr Ilir Gashi, Dr Peter Popov, Dr Vladimir Stankovic

Funding for City University: £355,000.00

Total funding : 5.1m Euro

Funding Source:

SESAMO is part of the ARTEMIS Embedded Computing Systems Initiative, funded through a public-private partnership between The European Commission, its Member States (in the U.K., the Technology Strategy Board), and the ARTEMIS Industry Association.

Duration: 3 years starting 1 May 2012

Project Description:

SeSaMo project web pages

SeSaMo publications: open access at City University

SESAMO is a 3-year project starting on the 1st of May 2012, with the goal of integrating security and safety assessment together into methods and tools for model-driven development of embedded systems.

Security concerns for embedded computer systems have been growing for the last 20 years, as these systems became increasingly open, networked and integrated, while being given increasing responsibilities and authority. These concerns have entered public awareness at least since the widespread media reporting about STUXNET.

While the embedded computing community has long experience of ensuring and assessing safety against accidental mishap - the effect of physical failure or human errors in design or operation - they have had to adapt rapidly to the need for defending against similar mishaps being caused by malice. The task of assessing that a system is secure enough, before it is deployed in harm's way, is even more challenging than proving that it is safe enough. To complicate matters, the goals of safety and security may create contrasting requirements, so that designers need help to decide trade-offs.

The SESAMO consortium has twenty partners including leading technology user companies and leading research teams. CSR at City University London contributes its expertise in quantitative assessment methods and assurance cases and leads Workpackage 3, "Analysis and assessment techniques".

Project Collaborators:

(1) Intecs Informatica e Tecnologia del Software S.p.A.
(2) Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
(3) AKHELA s.r.l.
(4) Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
(5) Danmarks Tekniske Universitet
(6) FTW Forschungszentrum Telekommunikation Wien GmbH
(7) Adelard LLP
(8) UniControls a.s.
(10) Peugeot Citroën Automobiles S.A.
(13) eesy-id GmbH
(14) Infineon Technologies AG
(16) Electricité de France
(17) SYSGO s.r.o.
(18) Siemens AG Österreich
(19) The City University
(20) General Motors Holdings LLC