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Software Reliability


(Software Certification Programme in Europe).

Duration: 1989-1994.
Funding source: ESPRIT 2
Partners: Verilog (France), Etnoteam (Italy), Electronic Centralen (Germany), GMD (Germany), UKAEA, GRS (Germany), ERIA, Strathclyde University, Glasgow College, NIHE (Ireland).
Funding to CSR: 614 kECU (total project value: 16 mECU)
Contact: Prof Bev Littlewood

Synopsis: The aim of SCOPE was to support supplier/customer relationships by facilitating product certification, to assist customers in the selection of IT products and clarify the legal position of suppliers. A ten-step model for software product assessment was designed, which was the basis of the Evaluators Guide and the Evaluation Module Development Guide documents (editor VERILOG) for ISO/IEC 9126.
Individual partners now offer evaluation services, and a club (SCOPE-ISPE, SCOPE Initiative for Software Product Evaluation) has been set up by some of the SCOPE partners to maintain some level of harmonisation with the evaluation services offered and to act towards the conditions of actual certification.