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Software Reliability


Resilience for Survivability in IST

Principal Investigator: Prof Lorenzo Strigini

Contact:  Prof Lorenzo Strigini 

Funding source: EU Network of Excellence, contract IST-4-026764-NOE

Funding to CSR: Euro 275,000

Duration: January 2006 - December 2008

Summary and objectives:

ReSIST is a NoE that addresses the strategic objective "Towards a global dependability and security framework" of the Information Society Technology (IST) priority in the EU Sixth Framework Programme (FP6).

It deals with the challenge posed by the need for, and lack of, dependability of "ubiquitous" computer and communication systems, the immense "network of networks" of computers and mobile devices - deeply interwoven with human organisations, and in continuous evolution - that support the developing Information Society. The increasing dependence of society on such systems - on "Ambient Intelligence" - requires attention to interrelated issues of dependability, security, human factors.

ReSIST will integrate leading researchers in these multidisciplinary research areas, from 18 European research centres, aiming to produce a well-focused, coherent set of European research activities to address this challenge.

The objectives of the Network are:

  1. Integration of teams of researchers so that the fundamental topics concerning scalably resilient ubiquitous systems are addressed by a critical mass of co-operative, multi-disciplinary research.
  2. Identification, in an international context, of the key research directions (both technical and socio-technical) induced on the supporting ubiquitous systems by the requirement for trust and confidence in AmI.
  3. Production of significant research results (concepts, models, policies, algorithms, mechanisms) that pave the way for scalably resilient ubiquitous systems.
  4. Promotion and propagation of a resilience culture in university curricula and in engineering best practices.

Contributors to ReSIST at CSR, City University include all the Centre researchers. Prof Lorenzo Strigini is the Principal Investigator.


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