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Software Reliability


(PRoductivity, Integrity, and Capability Enhancement for Software)

Duration: 1994 - Feb. 1997
Funding Source: EPSRC, Safety-Critical Systems Programme (Project Monitoring Officer: Stan Price), IED4/1/9202
Funding to CSR: TBA

Partners: Lloyd's Register (leading partner), Analysis International, BAeSEMA, GP-Elliott Electronic Systems, Rolls Royce Plc., Nuclear Electric, Open University, City University (involved through CMIM (Centre for Measurement and Information in Medicine, PI: Prof. Ewart Carson) and CSR (PI: Peter Mellor)).

Synopsis: Programmable Electronic Systems (PES) are increasingly used in safety-related applications, bringing with them the need for software of high integrity. At the same time, it is essential that the cost of producing software to the high standards required is affordable in the relevant market. The overall aim of the project was to produce advice and guidance for the developers of such systems to enable them to improve both the productivity of their development process and the integrity of the software being produced. The project studied the available techniques and standards, human interaction in the software development process, and the optimisation of human resources, tools and methods. The main deliverables were D29 "Code of Practice", D30 Theoretical Justification Part A "Human Error in the Development of Safety-Critical Software" and Part B (dealing with other aspects), and a distance learning package to assist in the dissemination of the results. CSR contributed mainly in the study of tools and methods, and in the assessment of integrity.

Contact: Prof. Ewart Carson, M. Falla (main contact point for obtaining copies of deliverables, full address TBA)