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Software Reliability


(Pre-Exploitative Tools for Evaluating Reliability of Software)

Principal Investigator:  Prof Bev Littlewood

Contact:  Prof Bev Littlewood

Funding to CSR, City University: £175,940

Funding Source: EPSRC - GR/L57296

Duration: August 1997 - October 2000


This project is concerned with the development of general techniques for obtaining accurate measures and predictions of the reliability of software. It builds on very successful, and novel, research within the Centre for Software Reliability that now allows certain reliability measures to be accompanied by a guarantee of accuracy, and in very general circumstances allows the reliability predictions from models to be improved in the light of their previous errors.

The work here mainly addresses the problems faced by statistically unsophisticated users of these new advanced statistical approaches: it provides means whereby the power of the techniques can be made accessible to industrial reliability engineers and software engineers.

CSR Personnel: Professor Littlewood (Principal Investigator), Professor Strigini, Ms Claude Gierl.

Ex-CSR Staff: Professor Fenton, Mr C Amati.

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