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Software Reliability


Reliability Data for Military Vehicle Systems

Funding to CSR, City University:  £160,000

Funding Source: DRA contract LSF/E20173

Duration: September 1996 - February 1999

Summary: To specify and develop a tool which will assist in assessment of procurement bids from companies seeking to build new vehicle systems for the MOD. Assessment is made on the basis of reliability data for individual mechanical components.


  • To specify a tool that will improve the accuracy of reliability predictions
  • To develop the above tool

Approach: Using Bayesian Belief Network, or BBN technology

Results: This project resulted in a useable tool that will greatly enhance the reliability predictions made at pre-testing stage for the MOD's B-class vehicles.

Impact: Reliability prediction for vehicle systems is of great strategic importance to the MOD. Such work saves both lives and money.

Partners: none

CSR Personnel: Professor Littlewood, Professor Fenton, Dr. Neil, Professor Strigini, Mr. Forey.

For further information on the above project, contact: Professor Norman Fenton: norman@dcs.qmw.ac.uk

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