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Software Reliability


(Diversity - IRC)

Principal Investigator:  Prof Bev Littlewood

Contact: Prof Bev Littlewood

Funding to CSR, City University: £1.2m

Funding Source: Inter-Disciplinary Research Centre (IRC)

Duration: July 2000 - June 2006


DIRC deals with the dependability (e.g., reliability, security, availability, etc.) of computer based systems. Such systems are defined in this project as systems encompassing not only computer software and hardware but also the human users and the social context of computer use. CSR leads the participation by City University in this interdisciplianry research collaboration with the Universities of Newcastle, Edinburgh, York and Lancaster. City University's participants also include the Department of Psychology (Prof. Peter Ayton) and the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (Prof. Martin Newby).


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