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Software Reliability


(Computing Architectures for Basic European Research)

ESPRIT Network of Excellence 21035 in distributed computing systems architectures

Summary: CaberNet is funded by the European Commission's ESPRIT Programme. The mission of CaberNet is to coordinate top-ranking European research in distributed and dependable systems, to make that research accessible to governments and industries and to further the quality of education concerning such systems. CaberNet addresses all aspects of the design of networked computer systems. These systems can range from embedded systems used to control an aircraft in flight to globe-spanning applications searching for information on the World-Wide Web.

Partners: About 45 European members

For further information:

contact Professor. Lorenzo Strigini: lorenzo.strigini.1@.city.ac.uk - 020 7040 8245 (from UK), or +44 20 7040 8245 (outside UK).

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