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Representation Theory

Hon Yin Wong (William)


  • IMO team member of Hong Kong in 2004
  • BSc in Mathematics and Physics in Tsinghua University, China in 2005-2009
  • Certificate of Advance Study in Mathematics (CASM) of Cambridge by Part III of Mathematical Tripos 2009-2010, graduated with distinction results
  • Master of Advance Studies, by exchanging with CASM 2011
  • PhD candidate at City, University of London, supervised by Joseph Chuang 2012-2016

Research Interests

William is interested in various topics in representation theory and very motivated by group representation theory. Currently he specialises in derived category and perverse equivalence within group representations.


  1. China Resources scholarship for Beijing Universities, 2005-2009
  2. Cambridge Overseas Trust Bursary, 2009-2010
  3. Bursary and tuition waiver at City in Representation theory 2012-2015

Teaching support

Functions, Vectors and Calculus (MA1618)
Programming and Computational Mathematics (MA1619)


2-partitions of Root Systems, Bin Li, W, Hechun Zhang, conference paper in Quantized Algebra and Physics, Oct 2011.

Perverse Equivalence between blocks of finite special linear Lie group in order 2, under construction


'Categories in Representation Theory' PGTC Birmingham 2014

'Derived Category of Representation of Groups' Group Representations and Cohomology Summer School 2015