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Long-term Mental Health Conditions Group

The Long-term Mental Health Conditions Group is developing a body of research addressing the pressing issue of co-morbid physical and mental health conditions with a specific focus on people with long-term conditions and on mental health care in a variety of healthcare settings.

This new group comprises 10 academic and research staff. Studies include the development and evaluation of a collaborative care intervention for prisoners with common mental health problems; a personalised approach to physical health in a secure mental health unit; developing and testing an intervention to improve self-care of diabetes in people with severe mental illness; the identification and management of aggression on haemodialysis units; and the postnatal care of women with mental health problems.

Proposed new studies include a trial of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of an occupational therapy intervention to increase involvement in everyday life for people with severe mental illness; and the effectiveness of peer support for haemodialysis patients.



2013-17, Developing and evaluating a collaborative care intervention for prisoners with common mental health problems, near to and after release (Engager 2). NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research: RP-PG-1210-12011. Awarded to: Byng, R; Shaw, J; Maguire, M.; Taylor, R., Duggan, S.; Stirzaker, A.; Weyer-Brown, C.; Owens, C.; Thistlethwaite, G.; McGauley, G; ; Wright, N.; Anderson, R; Michie, S.; Harris, T; Taylor, C. Haddad, M. £1,999,535

2012-13, Improving the physical health of people with serious mental illness: a pilot project in a low secure forensic unit. Awarded to Haddad, M. Florence Nightingale Foundation/London Network for Nurses and Midwives. £5,000

2010-11, Offenders Mental Health: engaging with offenders scoping and pilot project (Engager 1) NIHR Programme Development Grant. Awarded to: Byng, R; Shaw, J. Michie, S.; Taylor, R., Harris, T.; Maguire, M.; Samele, C.; Haddad, M; Anderson, R.; Weyer-Brown, C.; Podmore, J.; Williamson, M. ; Wright, N. £99,998

2008-09, Revision & validation of Depression Attitude Questionnaire. Inst. Social Psychiatry: Awarded to Haddad, M.: £7,000

2007-13, UPBEAT-UK, A programme of research into the relationship between coronary heart disease and depression in primary care patients. NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research: RP-PG-0606-1048 .Awarded to: Tylee A, Haddad M, Barley E, et al. £1,999,985

2007-10, QUEST project a 3-year study designed to provide school nurses with knowledge and skills to promote good emotional health and to deliver early intervention for children at risk of developing mental disorders. Cluster RCT design. Health Foundation. Awarded to Andre Tylee, A.; Haddad, M.; Pinfold, V.; Ford, T; Walters, P.; Graham, T.: £430,000

2006-09, Developing Strategies for the Management of Disruptive Patient Behaviours in the Haemodialysis Units at Barts and the London Trust. St Bartholomew's and the Royal London Charitable Foundation Research Advisory Board. Awarded to: Jones, J., Callaghan, P., Eales, S. & Ashman, N, £98,935



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