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Adam Varga


After obtaining his BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 2014, Adam Varga took the Part III of the Mathematical Tripos (Cambridge) specialising in the quantum theory of fields and string theory. Graduating with distinction, among the top 10 of his year, he joined City in 2015 to do a PhD under the supervision Dr Bogdan Stefanski.

Research Interests

Despite its many successes, e.g. being the only known consistent quantum theory of gravity, string theory seems to have failed to live up to the initial expectations of it being the ultimate theory of everything. However, the research community was sparked again by Juan Maldacena in 1997. He conjectured that strongly coupled gauge theories (including the analytically very challenging nuclear interactions) can be described in terms of 10 dimensional supersymmetric string theories. Adam's main interest is in the stringy side of these gauge/gravity dualities, focusing in particular on the role of integrability (a hidden symmetry possessed by the theories) in understanding and verifying Maldacena's conjecture for certain lower dimensional examples.


Adam Varga is supported by The George Daniels Educational Trust.