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Mathematical Biology

Klodeta Kura

Research Interests

My research interests are in Mathematical Biology, developing mathematical models and methods to explore different biological phenomena. During my PhD research I have modelled the formation of dominance hierarchies. The aim of the research is to analyse in detail the relationship between key parameters, for example, reward size, population structure and the level of aggressiveness in the population. The methodology consists of using existing and new statistical measures, analysis and simulations on various models of dominance hierarchy formation.


  • 2015 Travel Bursary, Future Fund, London, UK.
  • 2013 Graduate School Travel Bursary, City University London, UK.
  • 2012 Postgraduate Award, City University London, UK.
    PhD studentship and fee waiving
  • 2007 Bursary for Excellent Student, University of Tirana, AL

Key publications

Kura, K., Broom, M. and Kandler, A. (2015). Modelling Dominance Hierarchies Under Winner and Loser Effects. BULLETIN OF MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY, 77(6), 927-952. doi: 10.1007/s11538-015-0070-z

Kura,K., Broom, M. and Kandler, A. (submitted). A Game-Theoretical Winner and Loser Model of Dominance Hierarchy Formation.


  • MA2602 Linear Algebra
  • MA2604 Calculus and Vector Calculus
  • AS1051 Mathematics for Actuarial Science
  • AS2051 Calculus and Linear Algebra
  • MA1619 Programming and Computational Mathematics


  • MMEE 2013 (12th - 15th August), University of York. UK
    Presentation: "The Mathematical Modelling of Dominance Hierarchies Based Upon Pairwise Interactions"; sponsored by City University London Graduate School.
  • 'Network on evolutionary modelling and complexity' (13th June 2014), City University London, UK
    Presentation: "Modelling dominance hierarchies under winner-loser effects"
  • MMEE 2015 (8th -10th July) Collège de France, France.
    Presentation: "A game-theoretical winner and loser model of dominance hierarchy formation"; sponsored by City University London Graduate School.