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Karan Pattni


Karan Pattni studied MMath Mathematical Science with Finance and Economics (2009-2013) at City. Currently, he is studying for his Mathematics PhD (2013-present) under the supervision of Prof. Mark Broom and Dr. Lara Silvers in the same institution.

Research Interests

His PhD involves studying the evolution of structured populations with multi-player interactions.

Key Publications

Broom, M., Lafaye, C., Pattni, K. and Rychtář, J., 2015. A study of the dynamics of multi-player games on small networks using territorial interactions. Journal of mathematical biology, 71(6-7), pp.1551-1574.

Pattni, K., Broom, M., Rychtář, J. and Silvers, L.J., 2015, October. Evolutionary graph theory revisited: when is an evolutionary process equivalent to the Moran process?. In Proc. R. Soc. A (Vol. 471, No. 2182, p. 20150334). The Royal Society.