Macroeconomics Research Group

The group's research focuses on monetary and fiscal policy, foreign direct investment, public debt, economic growth and exchange rates. The group have produced numerous publications in 4* and 3* rated economic journals and has been in receipt of grants from the EU, ESRC and HMT. It benefits from connections with international organisations such as the IMF and ECB, for which members have either worked or spent time as visiting researchers.


Honorary staff

Professor Simon Price (Honorary, Bank of England)

PhD students

G M Arif

Alessandro Cantelmo

Monika Junicke (submitted December 2013)

Ayah El Said

Amna Saeed


Ben-Gad: HMRC/HMT/ESRC Joint Research Programme grant for £60,000 on Distortionary taxation, debt and immigration, 2010-11.

Pearlman: EU Framework Programme 7 grant for €129,000 on Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy Algorithms in Multi-Country Econometric Models, in collaboration with five other centres in Europe, 2008-11.

Pearlman: ESRC Research Grant for Monetary Fiscal Policy Rules with Labour Market and Financial Frictions fro £15,000, led by Surrey University, 2010-12.

Pearlman: EU Framework Programme 7 grant for €130,000 (approx.) on Integrated Macro-Financial Modelling for Robust Policy Design, in collaboration with nine other centres in Europe, 2014-17.


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