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Data Bites - Evening Talks

Data BitesInterested in Big Data and how it can drive technological innovation? Heard a lot about Big Data but not sure what it is, what is actually being done with it and why it matters? If so, head to the Data Bites  talks from leading specialists in the field. Discover some of the exciting things being done in Big Data and their practical applications for using it.

How does it work? It's simple: just come along and we provide an interesting talk with the best in the business. Data Bites is a great opportunity to network and get your questions answered by the experts.  For this term Data Bites has been moved to the evening but still feel free to bring your sandwiches.

This series of talks by leading researchers and practitioners is organised by the City Enterprise team and City’s Research Centre for Machine Learning in the Department of Computer Science. The talks have been running since 2014. It is designed to give students of Data Science and others access to first-hand information and experiences from industrial and other organisations, including well known names like Amazon, Thomson Reuters and the Home Office as well as smaller start-ups and consultancies. They all present their activities in the exciting field of data often with potential opportunities for placements and jobs.

If you would like to present your work and organisation, please get in touch with either Dr Tillman Weyde, Dr Aidan Slingsby or Dr Alex Galkin

Data Bites Events:

Future Events

Date Event TitleSpeakersLocation
26th September 2019,
AI Computational Photography Dr Greg Slabaugh (Huawei Technologies Research and Development) AG21
3rd October 2019,
Applied data science in the wild: data science as a career Peter Simon (DataRobot) AG21
10th October 2019,
Building chatbots for social good and NLP in the wild Yanhong (Billy) Zhao (AI for Good) AG21
17th October 2019,
TBC David Asboth (Cox Automotive Data Solutions) AG21
31st October 2019,
TBC Sylvia Smit, Thuy Nguyen, Ricardo Cruz, Khrystyna Adronova (Delta Capita) A130
7th November 2019,
TBC Devanshi Upreti (Ocado Technology) AG21
11th November 2019,
Deep Learning and Computer Vision in the Property Market - Making the 'Right' Move Kevin Ryan (Rightmove) A130
14th November 2019,
TBC Ianne Weber, Rupali Singhal (King) AG21
21st November 2019,
TBC Daniel Philps (Head of Rothko Investment Strategies) AG21
28th November 2019,
TBC Ashley Mason (Data Reply) AG21
5th December 2019,
TBC Alex Kuefler (Element AI, AI for Good) AG21

Previous Events

Date Event TitleSpeakers
5th April 2019 King of Data Science Ianne Weber, Rupali Singhal (KIing)
22nd March 2019 Are Data Scientists dying? - what we are doing wrong, and how to avoid it. (Seminar recording) Ashley Mason, Christos Hadjinikolis (Data Reply)
15th March 2019 The Afterlife: Going beyond modelling (Seminar recording) Devanshi Upreti (Ocado Technology)
8th March 2019 Deep Learning for Computational Photography (Seminar recording) Greg Slabaugh
22nd February 2019 Data scientists: the bright hope of investment management (Seminar recording) Dan Philps
15th February 2019 Robotics and AI in Extreme Environments Ahmed Hadid (Hybird)
8th February 2019 Superpowers, not Skynet: Using AI in the real world (Seminar recording) David Mitchell, Mikko Heikela (Futurice)
1st February 2019 Applied machine learning in 2019: automation, interpretability, and the AI-driven enterprise (Seminar recording) Peter Simon (DataRobot)
25th January 2018 Driving decisions through evidence (Seminar recording) Taniya Kawatra (Unilever)
5th December 2018 Built infrastructure makes our world go around, but how can we optimise it? (Seminar recording, Presentation slides) William Needham, Quy Vu (from Mott MacDonald)
28 November 2018 Data Science in Practice (Seminar recording, Presentation slides) Wojtek Kostelecki
14th November 2018 Artificial Intelligence in Ophthalmology - the Moorfields- DeepMind collaboration Pearse A. Keane
7th November 2018 Learning and deciding from replayed experience Elliot Ludvig
31st October 2018 How Data Science is used at Delta Capita Sylvia Smit, Ricardo Cruz, Khrystyna Adronova
17th October 2018 Data Science at dunnhumby Rosie Prior
10th October 2018 tbc Oliver Armitage, Hailey Eustace
3rd October 2018 Using data science to offer a better customer experience Joe Steer
26th September 2018 Building Safe Artificial Intelligence with OpenMined Andrew Trask
6th April 2018 Social Prediction for consumer brands Markus Frise (Black Swan)
23rd March 2018 Creating universal open access to closed textual data at scale: Use Cases from the HathiTrust Research Center Prof Stephen Downie (University of Illinois)
22nd March 2018 Investment Strategies driven by "AI" Dan Philps
16th March 2018 "Can statistical learning solve AI?” Csaba Szepesvari (University of Alberta)
2nd March 2018 Building Safe AI Andrew Trask
23 February 2018 More Like This: similarity-based recommendations Gary Verhaegen (Sparrho)
16th February 2018 Machine Learning and Statistics at Zopa Peadar Coyle (Zopa)
9th February 2018 Real World Data Science at Goldman Sachs Ruth McKeown & Peter Simon
2nd February 2018 Changing the Relationship People Have with Data: Towards Authoriing Tools for Creating and Sharing Personal Data Visualizations Dr Charles Perin (City)
13th December 2017 Fueling the Artificial Intelligence Revolution with Gaming

Alison B Lowndes, AI DevRel | EMEA - NVIDIA

29th November 2017 A path through Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and using it beyond cat videos or credit scoring Julien Cornebise
22nd November 2017 Thus spoke the Dalek: Explain! Tarek R Besold
8th November 2017 The use of A.I. to leverage user behaviour Ella Walters, Untamed & Unchained
1st November 2017 Data Science in the Wild David Asboth, Cox Automotive Data Solutions
18th October 2017 Applications of deep learning in medical imaging Gregory Slabaugh, City, University of London
17th February 2017 Building a Tech Start-up in London and Creating an NLP/AI App from Scratch. Rahul Powar, Mike Karliner, Chris Savvopoulos
3rd February 2017 Data Bites - Explanatory Data Visualisation Jon Geraghty, Dunnhumby
27th January 2017 Data Bites - AI and Industry Daniel Hulme, Avida Hancock, Satalia Ltd
16th November 2016 Data Bites - BenevolentTech Jerome Pesenti, CEO BenevolentTech
9th December 2015 Data Bites - Buzz Radar Jamie Scott, Data Scientist from Buzz Radar
25th November 2015 Data Bites - Home Office John Holland, Home Office
18th November 2015 Data Bites - BetBuddy Simo Dragicevic and Andrew Kelly, BetBuddy
11th November 2015 Data Bites - Thomson Reuters Andrew Merryweather, Thomson Reuters
21st October 2015 Data Bites - Amey Pedro Baiz, Amey
14th October 2015 Data Bites - Glue Reply Oscar Lizarazo Sandoval, Glue Reply
18th March 2015 Data Bites - Twizoo Madeline Parra, CEO, Twizoo
11th March 2015 Data Bites - YouGov Stephen Harmston, Head of YouGov Reports
25th February 2015 Data Bites - Cancer Research UK Su Crighton, IT Director
1st December 2014 Data Bites - Hailo app Philip Clarkson, Director of Data at Hailo
24th November 2014 Data Bites - Amazon Graeme Smith, Managing Director of Amazon’s Development Centre

Data Bites