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Legal Professional Practice

Legal Ethics Forum

The objective of the Legal Ethics Forum is the development of research and learning in the field of legal ethics, with particular emphasis on professional ethics across all jurisdictions. In particular we seek to improve communication and understanding between academics, professionals and professional regulators both within the UK and internationally.

Our approach to 'Legal Ethics' addresses the study of the relationship between morality and Law, the values underpinning the legal system, and the regulation of the legal services market, including the institutions, professional roles and ethics of the judiciary and legal professions. It includes the education, training and continuing professional development of those providing legal services, addressing our understanding of the development of professionalism and professional conduct and how educators may contribute to this endeavour. The approach of our forum will include empirical analysis, socio-legal and cultural analyses, jurisprudence and pedagogy. The significance of this area of study and activity lies in its key contribution to understanding lawyers' roles in the drafting of legislation, transactional commercial activities, the resolution of disputes, the criminal justice system, the protection of human rights and the 'personal plight' sphere.

Forum Convenors

The Convenors of the Legal Ethics Forum are:

Professor Andrew Boon


Professor Nigel Duncan


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