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Legal Professional Practice

Criminal Litigation Forum

The objective of the Criminal Litigation Forum is to facilitate a wider and deeper understanding of criminal procedure and sentencing, and to contribute to discussions on the future development of criminal justice systems, particularly that of England and Wales. We look to expand our existing relationships with legal professionals and academics in the area of criminal procedure and sentencing whilst also supporting the development of PhD and LLM activities in these fields. 

'Criminal Litigation' covers the criminal process from investigation to charge, onto trial and finally sentencing and appeals. It looks at both matters of professional concern within the criminal justice system and proposals for change. It aims to produce and facilitate research which can make a significant contribution to future developments.

Forum Convenor

nullRobert McPeake is the Convenor of the Criminal Litigation Forum. He teaches Criminal Litigation at postgraduate level on the LLM in Criminal Litigation and on the Bar Professional Training Course

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