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Legal Professional Practice

Civil Litigation Forum

The overall purpose of the Civil Litigation Forum is to support and advance research in all aspects of civil justice, while at the same time expanding education in this field. It is intended to provide a focus for debate and law reform in the field of civil procedure, to provide information and commentary on developing areas of procedure, and the exchange of ideas among practitioners and academics.

Civil Litigation describes the procedures and practices used by the courts and litigants to resolve civil legal disputes. With over 1.5 million county court and over 50,000 Queen's Bench and Chancery Division claims being issued each year in England and Wales, litigation is a major contributor to the UK economy. Civil litigation covers pre-action conduct, as well as the processes used from commencing proceedings through to the determination of the case at trial. Pre-action remedies, and court orders made in support of other dispute resolution processes, such as mediation and arbitration, are included. Appeals, enforcement and costs are also important areas, with most of the recent law reforms in this area aimed at ensuring litigation can be pursued at proportionate cost.

The Forum includes a focus on current issues and proposed developments, such as the implications of implementation of changes arising from the Review of Costs carried out by Sir Rupert Jackson.

Forum Convenor

nullStuart Sime is the Convenor of the Civil Litigation Forum and Course Director of the Bar Professional Training Course. He teaches Civil Litigation, ADR and Company Law.

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