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Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum

The aim of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum is the advancement of research, scholarship and education in the fields of negotiation, mediation and arbitration, both within England and Wales and internationally. In doing this, we seek to develop relationships with legal professionals and academics with interests in this area, while also supporting the development of related PhD and LLM activity.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is currently an area of substantial growing importance in many legal jurisdictions. The use of arbitration is well established, but there are a number of issues to be addressed in ensuring that the process is as efficient and effective as it might be. Increase in the use of mediation is being driven by a variety of factors, including the desire for quicker, more private and more cost effective ways to resolve civil disputes. While this is in many ways to be welcomed, it brings with it significant questions, for example potential oversight of practice, transparency and the development of precedent. Both government policy and civil court rules are promoting the use of ADR in England and Wales, and it offers potential benefits to those involved in a civil dispute. It is important that developments in the use of ADR be soundly based, and that progress continues in identifying appropriate ways to address disputes in cost and time efficient ways.

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Forum Convenor

nullSusan Blake is the the Convenor of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum. Susan is also the Course Director for the LLM Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution and teaches on the Bar Professional Training Course. Susan has written professionally focused books on alternative dispute resolution and on civil litigation.

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