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Legal Professional Practice

Advocacy Forum

The aim of the Advocacy Forum is to increase knowledge and understanding of all aspects of advocacy, both academically and professionally. It will do this through research scholarship and education in the field of advocacy, in its broadest sense, and within both criminal and civil jurisdictions. Naturally, we look to develop our existing relationships with legal professionals and academics in the area of advocacy, and we support the development of advocacy-related activities at both PhD and LLM level.

'Advocacy' includes such subjects as case preparation and analysis, and the uses of forensic science. We seek to examine advocacy in its many and varied contexts, including pre-trial, trial and post-trial advocacy, the ways that judges, magistrates and jurors 'use' the evidence that is presented to them, and decision-making processes. Advocacy also includes the use and development of specific techniques, such as witness handling, including expert and vulnerable witnesses. We see it as important to incorporate insights from cognate disciplines that have a bearing on advocacy, including, for example, psychology and criminology, as well as the developing field of legal storytelling.

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Forum Convenor

nullRobert McPeake is the Convenor of the Advocacy Forum and teaches advocacy at postgraduate level on the LLM in Criminal Litigation and on the Bar Professional Training Course.

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