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Sam McIntosh

PhD student

Thesis title: Open justice and investigations into deaths at the hands of the state.

School/Centre: Centre for Law, Justice & Journalism

E-Mail: sam.mcintosh.1@city.ac.uk

Twitter: @sammc123

The aim of Sam's PhD thesis is to provide a practical and theoretical assessment of the open justice and public accountability elements of investigations into deaths where there has been actual or alleged State involvement in the circumstances of the death. This will initially be through a technical assessment of the way in which the processes involved attempt to fulfil the procedural requirements of Article 2 ECHR, but will extend to a wider and more general assessment of open justice and public accountability issues in such investigations. Sam's PhD supervisors are Professor Ian Loveland and Dr David Herling.

Sam is a fully qualified solicitor and trained and worked at three of the most highly regarded human rights firms in the country. He began his training in the criminal defence department at Imran Khan & Partners and went on to finish his training and work in the civil departments at Bhatt Murphy Solicitors and Hickman & Rose. Sam worked primarily on cases involving civil actions against the police and prison authorities, representing families in inquests into deaths in custody or at the hands of the State, and judicial review.

During the first two years of his PhD, Sam worked as a part-time Research Assistant on Reading University's Law, Terrorism and the Right to Know Project . The programme explored democratic traditions of media freedom and the contemporary demands of national and international security. It looked especially at the ways governments and courts deal with security related matters, and the relationship between the state and the media.

Sam's main research interests are: domestic and international human rights law; open justice and democratic accountability; the relationship between national security, state accountability, media law and access to information; and state responsibility in international law.

Sam is currently spending a year as a visiting PhD student at the University of Vienna where he is being supervised by Professor Manfred Nowak.


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Conference Contributions

  • Paper: 'Deaths at the Hands of the State: Injustice and Justice in Narratives and Narrative Formation', The City Law School Post-Graduate Forum, City University, 9 May 2013
  • Paper: 'Deaths at the Hands of the Police: Narrative and Narrative Formation as a Source of Justice', La Police: Entre Fiction et Non-Fiction, Colloque International, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 28 March 2013
  • Paper: 'Next of Kin: The Public's Voice at Inquests into Deaths at the Hands of the State?', The City Law School Post-Graduate Forum, City University, 10 May 2012
  • Panel Chair: 'Expanding your horizons as a researcher: social media, court reporting, FOI', Terrorism & Security Research in the UK: Using and Understanding Legal Resources, University of Reading & Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London, 15 June 2012
  • Presentation: 'The shooting of Azelle Rodney: secrecy, open justice and investigations into deaths at the hands of the state', 2011/12 PhD Training Seminar Series, 22 November 2011

University Teaching

Part-time Sessional Lecturer (2004-05) and Teaching Fellow (2008-2010) at University of Reading's School of Law.

  • Tort Law - Lecturing and leading tutorials
  • Criminal Law - Leading tutorials
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law - Leading tutorials
  • Introduction to Property Law - Lecturing