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Jon Eilenberg

PhD student

Thesis title: Scandalising the NHS: Scandal, Storytelling and Power in the BBC's News at Ten's Coverage of Mid Staff.

Supervisors: Professor Michael Bromley and Professor Chris Greer

Email: jon.eilenberg.1@city.ac.uk

Jon EilenbergJon's research analyses recent developments in the relationship between news media and deviance. Combining Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis (MCDA) with interviews of news workers, the research aims to examine how the stories told in TV news reflect underlying power structures. The project looks specifically at the BBC's News at Ten's coverage of the Mid Staff scandal, trying to understand the visual and lingual structures and the professional choices behind them. The research combines insights from criminology, journalism and linguistics. It also treads new methodological paths by applying MCDA systematically to TV news and including news workers' own accounts.

Jon holds MAs in History (University of Copenhagen) and International Journalism (Brunel University). He has previously worked as a freelance journalist, EU research funding administrator and A-levels teacher.

Research interests

  • Sociology of deviance
  • Scandal
  • Language and power
  • Visual discourse
  • Narrative and storytelling
  • Public institutions, public trust and TV journalism


Journal articles

(2010) Druk, distinktion og dominans, 1066, 40/2, p. 3-12 (in Danish)

Book chapter

(2013) Leveson Through a Pair of Foreign Eyes in Mair, J. (ed.) After Leveson? The Future for British Journalism, London: Abramis

(2006) Forargelse og forandring - borgerskabet i guldalderens København, in Wiene, Inger et al.(eds.): Runde Kirke, Taarn og Sogn, Copenhagen: Nyt Nordisk forlag (in Danish)