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Eylem Yanardagoglu

Research Fellow, Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism

E-mail: Eylem.yanardagoglu.1@city.ac.uk

Eylem Yanardagoglu received her PhD at City Sociology department in London where she studied the relationship between citizenship, minorities and minority media in Turkey. After completing her PhD, she worked as a researcher in a major international project which considered governance of cultural diversity in Europe and its reflections in the European media and public sphere. She is currently a staff member of Bahcesehir University in Istanbul where she teaches subjects such as international journalism, media ethics, principles of mass communication and communication theories. Her current research interests focus on journalistic culture and news production in international news organizations. She recently completed a study at the BBC World Service, and is currently working on the cultural, political and technological challenges that impinge on international journalists' work in national settings by taking Turkey as an example.

Eylem took up the position as research fellow at Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism in the summer of 2012. She is currently working together with Dr Bolette Blaagaard in setting up an international network, which will be debating issues of citizenship and journalism, as well as carrying out research on citizen journalism and its implications for journalistic practices and education.