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Dr Bolette Blaagaard

Dr. Bolette B. Blaagaard holds a PhD degree in gender and ethnicity studies from Utrecht University, Netherlands, and a MA in journalism from University of Southern Denmark, Denmark. Her research interests centre on how journalistic practices can be combined with cosmopolitanism, post-colonialism, and gender and ethnicity theories in order to challenge and change journalism to cope ethically with an increasingly globalised world. She has published articles and contributed to edited volumes on issues of Nordic colonialism and whiteness in the Nordic region as well as published worked on the ethics of journalistic practices, objectivity and freedom of speech.

Bolette took up the position as research fellow at Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism in the fall of 2010. She is setting up an international network, which will be debating issues of citizenship and journalism, as well as carrying out research on citizen journalism and its implications for journalistic practices and education.

Recent publications include:

Blaagaard, Bolette B. (2013) "Situated, embodied, Political: Expressions of citizen journalism", Journalism Studies

Blaagaard, Bolette B. (Forthcoming) Shifting Boundaries: Objectivity, citizen journalism and tomorrow's journalists", Journalism

Blaagaard, Bolette B. 'On the (multi)cultural obligations of journalism' in Migration and the Media Threadgold, T.; Moore, K.; and Gross, B. (volume editors). This book is a volume in the series on Global Crisis and the Media, Cottle, S. (series editor) Peter Lang Publishing (2012)

Sandra Ponzanesi and Bolette Blaagaard (eds.) Deconstructing Europe. Postcolonial Perspectives, Routledge (September 2011)
for more information on this book

Blaagaard, Bolette B. (2011) 'Whose freedom? Whose memories? Commemorating Danish colonialism in St. Croix', Social Identities, 17: 1, 61 - 72

Blaagaard, Bolette B. (2010) 'Media and Multiplicity: Journalistic Practices and the Resurgence of Xenophobia in Europe', Translocations: Migration and Social Change (An Inter-Disciplinary Open Access E-Journal), Vol. 6, issue 2, winter 2010

Blaagaard, Bolette B. (2010) 'Remembering Nordic Colonialism: Danish Cultural Memory in Journalistic Practice' in Lars Jensen (ed.) KULT - a postcolonial special issues series Roskilde Universitetscenter