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Date Title Speaker
19 March 2015
16:00 - 17:30
The cultural afterlife of criminal evidence Dr Katherine Biber (University of Technology, Sydney)
19 February
16:00 - 17:30
Explaining Sir Jimmy Savile Professor Chris Greer and Professor Eugene McLaughlin (City, University of London)
11 December 2014
16:00 - 17:30
Economies of permitted images? Deconstructing debate about the banning of photography in English law courts since 1925 Professor Linda Mulcahy (London School of Economics)
16 October 2014
16:00 - 17:30
Critical Realism: Research, Politics, Policy Professor Roger Matthews (University of Kent)
11 September 2014 Media ethics, law and accountability Dr Denis Muller (University of Melbourne)
6 April 2014 Sexting and sexism Professor Ros Gill (City, University of London)
20 March 2014 Can Western consumes really help development by buying 'world music'? Professor Andy Pratt (City, University of London)
27 February 2014 Police, media, Leveson and all that Dr Rob Mawby (University of Leicester)
23 January 2014 The legitimacy of press regulation Dr Paul Wragg (University of Leeds)
12 December 2013 A deinstitutionalised fifth estate and the public interest Professor Ellen Goodman (Rutgers University)
14 November 2013 The Sir Jimmy Savile: child sexual abuse and institutional denial at the BBC Professor Chris Greer and Professor Eugene McLaughlin (City, University of London)
24 October 2013 Academics and activists in the policy process: engagement with Australian media inquiries 2011-13 Professor Terry Flew (Queensland University of Technology)

9 May 2013
European Commission media policy and its pro-market inclination: the revised 2009 Communication on State Aid to PSB and its restraining effect on PSB online Dr Benedetta Brevini (City, University of London)
11 April 2013 Journalists witnessing disasters: from the calculus of death to the Injunction to care Professor Simon Cottle (School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University)
14 March 2013 The laws of enchantment: image, city, space
Professor Alison Young (School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne, Australia)
7 March 2013Communications Bill workshop 
6 March 2013The Future of Humanitarian Reporting Conference
Practitioners and academics from development and journalism backgrounds debated the latest developments in disaster reporting and the ethical questions raised by the new media landscape, the changing nature of the source-media relationship and NGOs' own use of new media tools
14 February 2013 Measuring and mitigating media concentration
Seminar with Professor Richard Collins (Visiting Professor, Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism)


13 December 2012The civil power of the news
Professor Jackie Harrison (Department of Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield)
7 December 2012Justice Wide Open workshop
Follow up workshop to the Justice Wide Open conference in February 2012.
For further information please see the Open Justice in the Digital Era project page
8 November 2012Myths and the internet
Professor David Wall (Head of School, Applied Social Sciences, University of Durham)
11 October 2012Press regulation in a converging environment
Professor Ian Walden (Professor of Information and Communications Law, Queen Mary, University of London)
4 October 2012Citizenship and Journalistic Practice Workshop
A follow up to the Open Justice conference in February 2012.
9 May 2012A new legal framework post Leveson
Professor Martin Moore (Media Standards Trust)
14 March 2012Feeding the feral beast: how politicians and the media collude to undermine good governance
Professor Jon Silverman (Professor of Media and Criminal Justice, University of Bedfordshire)
7 March 2012

The new General Comment 34 on the right to freedom of expression under the ICCPR

Seminar with Professor Nigel Rodley KBE (Human Rights Centre, Essex University; Doughty Street Chambers; member of the UN Human Rights Committee
29 February 2012Open Justice conference
Practitioners and academics from law and journalism looked at the future of legal knowledge in the 21st century. They examined the history and context of the flow of legal knowledge and open justice, as well as court reporting and the media.
For further information please see the Open Justice in the Digital Era project page


12 October 2011Changing Times and Changing Media Regulation
Baroness Buscombe delivers the second CLJJ lecture. Read the full lecture transcript.
14 September 2011Citizenship and Journalistic Practice conference
An international and interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners working in the field of intersections between journalism and citizenship.
1 June 2011Impunity and the Rule of Law conference
Experts and policy-makers debated the findings and provisional draft proposals from Phase One on the Impunity project. Read the working papers on City Research Online.
2 February 2011
18 January 2011What are the barriers to retention for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in the Media
Part of the ESRC Seminar Series: Widening Ethnic Diversity in the News Media Workforce


17 November 2010The (multi)cultural obligation of journalism
CLJJ Research Fellow Dr Bolette Blaagaard discusses journalism’s complicity in sustaining implicit cultural assumptions and stereotypes, dressed up in narratives of legal frameworks and western politics and values.
11 November 2010Dollars, Donors and Democracy: money and politics in the US and UK
Professor Leslie Wayne, formerly of the New York Times Michael White, The Guardian, Professor Stuart Weir, Democratic Audit Professor Keith Ewing, King's College London, Jacob Rowbottom, University of Cambridge
4 November 2010

Reframing Libel Conference

Experts from law and media discussed Lord Lester’s defamation bill. Read the full working paper on City Research Online.

6 October 2010

Coverage of murder cases and trials in the Flemish press. A longitudinal approach

CLJJ visiting scholar Dr Rozane de Cock discusses the evolution of court reporting on murder cases in a sample of Belgian newspapers in the 20th century.

29 April 2010

Public Sphere and Public Service Media Symposium

The CLJJ hosted a symposium on one of the most challenging debates in contemporary media studies: the transition of the traditional Public Service Broadcasters (PSBs) into Public Service Media (PSM).

29 March 2010

Protecting free speech in the context of the European Convention of Human Rights

City University London celebrated the launch of its new interdisciplinary Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism by inviting The Hon. Mr Justice Eady to deliver its inaugural lecture