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  1. Transformations in Media Policy
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Transformations in Media Policy

Themes will be developed by collaborative research projects, studentships, CPD and Knowledge Transfer activities.

Project 1: Media concentration policy and the public interest

This project looks at the legal, technological, economic, political, and socio-cultural factors influencing media concentration regulatory policies and action and discusses the ways of safeguarding media pluralism.

Project 2: The impact of technological change on regulatory frameworks

Technological change has empowered the individual; no longer is the acquisition of material or its dissemination in the hands of the professional alone. Media codes of conduct, which protect the rights of the subject of journalism, do not apply here. There is no clear, bright line between the professional and the amateur, and many media organisations now use, if not encourage, user generated content. In doing so, they may assume liability for the further dissemination of that content. The ethical and legal issues surrounding this practice have yet to be thoroughly thought through and investigation into both problems and possible solutions is required.

Project 3: Regulatory regimes in the digital converged arena

This project looks at formulations of appropriate regulatory regime in the digital converged era that would both promote industrial development and guarantee consumer interests. The project examines whether competition law could effectively address economic and wider social concerns or whether sector-specific regulation (i.e. structural and content regulation) is required.