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  1. Legal Restraints on the Media
Law, Justice and Journalism

Legal Restraints on the Media

Themes will be developed by collaborative research projects, studentships, CPD and Knowledge Transfer activities.

Project 1: Limits of Investigative journalism

The impact of Reynolds and Jameel. Reynolds was ground-breaking as it accepted the possibility of qualified privilege defence for journalists; it was re-enforced by Jameel, yet the law is still felt to be unclear. This project would investigate the scope allowed by English law to journalists, and the behaviour it expects of them, and match this model against journalism practice.

Investigative journalism is taught at City by leading investigative journalists, including:

  • David Leigh, investigations editor of The Guardian and Anthony Sampson Professor of Reporting at City
  • Gavin McFadyean, director of the prestigious Centre for Investigative Journalism based at City
  • Heather Brooke, Freedom of Information expert and Honorary Visiting Fellow at City
  • Rosie Waterhouse, formerly of the Sunday Times Insight team and Newsnight
  • Melanie McFadyean, City lecturer and freelance journalist

Project 2: Libel/Defamation

An investigation into libel tourism in the UK whereby wealthy foreign nationals have gone to the high court to sue over articles that would not warrant action in their own country.