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Past Seminars

Date Title and Speaker
27 April 2018

The 2nd Cross-Border Corporate Insolvency & Commercial Law Research Group Conference

11 April 2018

Scala Civium: Citizenship Templates Post-Brexit & the EU's Duty to Protect the EU - Speaker: Professor Dora Kostakopoulou, University of Warwick

19 March 2018

Learning from the TTIP Negotiations: Looking Backwards and Forwards at Global Trade


14 February 2018

The Principal/Agency Model: Pitfalls, Law and Lessons from Energy - Guest Speaker: Dr Oana Stefan, King's College London

7 February 2018

Fundamental Rights and Copyright Law in the EUSpeaker: Professor Tuomas Mylly’

6 December 2017

Fundamental Rights and Brexit - Speaker: Dr Tobias Lock, University of Edinburgh

24 November 2017

Modelling Divergence(s) and Convergence(s) of the EU in the World

8 November 2017

Seminar: Modelling EU Convergence and Divergence in the Global Legal Order

1 February 2017

What is the Potential Impact of Brexit on EU and UK Employment Law? - Speaker: Professor Jeff Kenner (University of Nottingham)

30 November 2016

EU-UK Relations as External Relations Post Brexit -  Speaker: Professor Sir Alan Dashwood

15 November 2016

Understanding CETA: Legal Challenges and Business Opportunities - Speakers: Christophe Bondy, Dr Elaine Fahey, Mark Richardson

12 October 2016

Seminar: EU-US Privacy Shield: The Status Quo of EU-US Data Protection and Privacy Laws, Max Schrems , Vienna University

20 April 2016 Seminar: Professor Eleanor Spaventa (University of Durham)
24 February 2016

Seminar: Emancipation through EU Law? Floris de Witte (London School of Economics)

10 February 2016

Lecture: The View from the EU Bench: Judge Allan Rosas (European Court of Justice), Judge Allan Rosas (European Court of Justice)

27 January 2016

Lecture: EU Law: Taking Economics Seriously? Professor Michelle Everson, Birkbeck College

2 December 2015

Legal Implications of the Referendum on EU membership symposium, Monckton Chambers and The City Law School

25 November 2015

The Role of Ideas in EU Lawmaking: The Case of the Unitary Patent, Dr Benjamin Farrand, University of Warwick

6 November 2015

Workshop: Framing the subjects and objects of contemporary EU law, ISEL and the Centre for European and Comparative Law (Kent)


  • Dr Elaine Fahey (City University London) and Dr Samo Bardutzky (University of Kent): Framing the subjects and objects of EU law
  • Dr Damjan Kukovec (European Commission and Harvard University): Hierarchies as law
  • Professor Dora Kostakopoulou (University of Warwick): Towards a humanistic philosophy of the European Union
  • Dr Alina Tryfonidou (University of Reading): Framing the subjects of EU law: can EU citizenship be put up for sale?
  • Dr Andrés Casteleiro-Delgado (Durham University): More State than State? The EU as an international subject
  • Dr Emilia Korkea-aho (University of Helsinki): Is the EU obliged to take third country interests into account? The requirement of non-discriminatory application and the global framework of EU law
  • Professor Laurent Pech (University of Middlesex): EU's external and internal rule of law: coherence and crisis
  • Ilaria Vianello (European University Institute): From objects to subjects: guaranteeing participatory procedures to third countries and to their citizens. The case of the EU wider neighbourhood
  • Professor Michelle Everson (Birkbeck): Scientification and the death of subjectivity in EU law
  • Dr Marios Costa (City University London): Expert knowledge in EU law: a case study on private standards

28 October 2015

The Origins of General Principles of Law, Professor Paul Craig,University of Oxford

12 October 2015 Panel debate: Whither, whose and why TTIP?
30 September 2015

State of democracy in the European Union 2015: representatives of whom? Political coordinators, rapporteurs and shadow rapporteurs in the European Parliament, Professor Michael Kaeding, University of Duisburg-Essen

29 July 2015

Panel debate: The migration crisis in the Mediterranean: legal and policy issues arising from the EU response, The Institute for the Study of European Laws and the International Law and Affairs Group under the auspices of the Jean Monnet Chair in European Union Law.

10 June 2015

EU competition law and international law regimes of jurisdiction: an uneasy fit?,
Rosa Greaves, Glasgow University

15 April 2015 The global reach and effects of EU law: methodologies and constructs
Dr Elaine Fahey, City University London
23 March 2015

Seminar: Preliminary references to the Court of Justice of the European Union - Examining what Member States refer more/less than what could be expected?Professor Morten Broberg, University of Copenhagen

18 March 2015 Unilateral, extraterritorial action and climate change
Professor Joanne Scott, University College London
18 February 2015 What next for the European Neighbourhood Policy?
Dr Narine Ghazaryan, Brunel University
10 December 2014 The right to equality in European Human Rights Law: the quest for substance in the jurisprudence of the European courts
Dr Charilaos Nikolaidis
19 December 2014 Fundamental rights, general principles of EU Law and the charter
Professor Takis Tridimas, King's College London
29 October 2014 Insights for constitutional design from the EU's experience with ex post review of international agreements
Dr Mario Mendez, Queen Mary University of London
18 June 2014 Choosing legal bases to circumvent the UK's Title V opt-in: news from the front line
Professor Sir Alan Dashwood, The City Law School and Hendersen Chambers
21 May 2014 Reassessing the EU's regulatory agencies: mind the accountability gap
Dr Marios Costa, The City Law School
16 April 2014 Kelsenian reflections on the unity of domestic and international law: the practice of consistent interpretation of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)
Dr Paul Gragl, Queen Mary, University of London
19 March 2014 EU law and the potential of democratic anxiety
Professor Damien Chalmers, London School of Economics
19 February 2014 The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and national courts: the question of scope, direct effect or justice
Dr Dorota Leczykiewicz, Trinity College, University of Oxford
20 November 2013 The legal reasoning of the court of justice of the EU
Dr Gunnar Beck, SOAS, University of London
16 October 2013 The federal implications of the economic rights of Union citizens
Dr Alina Tryfonidou, University of Reading

Sanctions cases in the European Court
Ms Maya Lester, Brick Court Chambers, London
12 June 2013 Internet governance and human rights in Europe
Dr Matthias C. Kettemann, University of Graz, Austria
15 May 2013 Pringle reading symposium
Professor Alan Dashwood, The City Law School
8 May 2013 Preparing for mega-cities: can the EU experience offer good lessons? What is EU smart regulation?
Joanne Moss, The City Law School

European Commission's musing about harmonisation of online gambling law amongst member states - mission impossible?
Margaret Carran, The City Law School
10 April 2013 Human rights and the commodification of the Holocaust
Dr David Seymour, The City Law School

Is sharia compatible with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)
Salma Dean, European Network for Women in Leadership
13 March 2013 The regime for EU air passenger rights post-Sturgeon
Dr Steven Truxal, The City Law School

Eweida and Others v UK: did the court strike a fair balance?
Dr Ilaria Bertini, City University London and the University of Milan-Bicocca
13 February 2013 EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights - the challenges ahead
Dr Tobias Lock, University of Surrey
12 December 2012 The private lives of public figures
Professor Megan Richardson, University of Melbourne
14 November 2012 The law and the eurozone crisis
Dr Dan Wilsher, The City Law School
10 October 2012 On EU audiovisual policy and its impact on the Council of Europe attempts to revise the Convention on Transfrontier Television as an exemplar of post-Lisbon competence issues
Dr Daithi Mac Sithigh, Edinburgh Law School
11 April 2012 EU counter-terrorism in a post- 'war on terror' world
Dr Cian Murphy, University of Bristol
8 February 2012 Existence - exercise - exhaustion: the life cycle of intellectual property in the EU?
Vincent Smith, Partner at Sheppard & Smith
9 February 2011 The Rights of Roma in Europe
Dr Mauro Barelli, The City Law School