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Previous ILAG research seminars
DateSpeaker and Title
8 February 2017, 1pm - 3pmTheorising the Relationship between Social Rights and Markets in Regional Integration Projects,  with Professor Diamond Ashiagbor, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London
15 November 2016, 6pm - 8pmUnderstanding CETA: Legal Challenges and Business Opportunities, with Christopher Bondy, Volterra Fietta; Mark Richardson, High Commission of Canada; and, Dr Elaine Fahey, City, University of London. Chaired by Professor David Collins, City, University of London
19 October 2016, 1pm - 3pmSome Aspects of the Legal System in Iceland for Asylum Seekers in an International and European Context, Professor Pétur Dam Leifsson, University of Iceland
12 October 2016 EU-US Privacy Shield  EU-US Privacy Shield: The Status Quo of EU-US Data Protection and Privacy Laws, Max Schrems, Doctoral Candidate in Law, Vienna University
27 July 2016Humanity at Sea: Maritime Migration and the Foundations of International Law,  Dr Itamar Mann, Senior Lecturer, University of Haifa, Faculty of Law
11 May 2016Dying as a side-effect: The Meaning of Proportionate Collateral Damage
Dr Janina Dill, Assistant Professor, London School of Economics
13 April 2016Jurisdiction and applicable law in international trade law
Dr Lorand Bartels, Senior Lecturer, University of Cambridge
10 February 2016The International Legal Academic as Grammarian: some reflections on the “Practice Community” of international lawyers, Dr Gleider I Hernández, Senior Lecturer, Durham Law School
9 December 2015The human rights obligations of non-state armed groups
Dr Darragh Murray, Lecturer, University of Essex
11 November 2015International Law, Imperial Violence and the Production of Political Subjectivity
Dr Robert Knox, Lecturer, Liverpool Law School, University of Liverpool
8 April 2015The Emergence of an International Disaster Response Law
Professor Sandesh Sivakumaran, University of Nottingham
11 March 2015Climate Change in International Investment Law and Arbitration
Dr Valentina Vadi, University of Lancaster
11 February 2015Strategically Created Treaty Conflicts and the Politics of International Law
Dr Surabhi Ranganathan, Cambridge University
12 November 2014Ethnographic Thinking in International Law
Dr Luis Eslava, University of Kent
8 October 2014The Responsibility to Protect and the International Criminal Court: Counteracting the Crisis
Dr Kirsten Ainley, London School of Economics
11 June 2014Indigenous peoples and the dynamics of international law
Dr Mauro Barelli, The City Law School
14 May 2014What is an international crime?
Professor Kevin Jon Heller, SOAS, University of London
9 April 2014Constitutionalism as a global value: Are we moving towards a principle of 'structural homogeneity' in international law?
Dr Christian Pippan, University of Graz
12 March 2014The Scottish independence referendum: an international law perspective
Dr Jure Vidmar, Oxford University
12 February 2014Assigning moral responsibility in the International Criminal Court
Dr Joseph Hoover, International Politics Department, City, University of London
4 February 2014Foreign relations: What should the UK courts be doing and can international law help them do it
Professor Colin Warbrick, University of Birmingham Law School
13 November 2013From friends to foes: foreign troops in post-conflict situations
Dr Aurel Sari, University of Exeter
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9 October 2013Holy land tourism and international law - mapping a 'real world' clash of perspectives
Dr Gearoid O Cuinn, University of Lancaster
19 June 2013Law, violence and the economic: economic warfare in war and peace
Dr Grietje Baars, The City Law School
14 May 2013Cultural genocide
Dr Damien Short, University of London
17 April 2013Recent developments in the law of state immunity
Katherine Reece Thomas, The City Law School
20 March 2013The foreign policy of counter secession: preventing the recognition of contested states
Dr James Ker-Lindsay, London School of Economics
20 February 2013Legitimating the UN Security Council (abstract)
Dr Dominik Zaum, University of Reading
21 November 2012Disciplinary power and the UN Security Council
Dr Isobel Roele, Cardiff University
17 October 2012The EU and the international law of treaties
Dr Paul Gragl, The City Law School
16 May 2012Conflict of norms under international law
Dr Carmen Draghici, The City Law School
18 April 2012Freedom of religion and judicial reasoning
Dr Tawhida Ahmed, University of Reading
18 April 2012International law and ideology
Dr Grietje Baars, The City Law School
21 March 2012Triangular relationships under public international law: stuck between bilateralism and collectivism
Danae Azaria, The City Law School
15 February 2012The emergence of international non-governmental organisations in world politics
Dr Thomas Davies, International Politics Department
16 November 2011Libya and the switch from protest to armed conflict
Dr Ioannis Kalpouzos, The City Law School
19 October 2011New directions in the international law of self-determination?
Dr Mauro Barelli, The City Law School