Human Memory

Human Memory Research Group

Human Memory is a vast and fascinating field of study. The research interests of our members cover a wide range of current topics, including knowledge and semantic memory, autobiographical memory, false memory (including ageing), immediate memory and the interaction between memory systems. Therefore, the research of the Human Memory Group covers both basic and applied areas and our work examines memory across the lifespan in both normal and abnormal populations.

We use a range of well-established methods and these include laboratory-based tests of memory accuracy, response time, EEG, eye-tracking and web-based studies. The group also calls upon new and innovative methodological strategies, for example the SenseCam: A wearable camera equipped with sensors that react to changes in the wearer's environment and movement and allow researchers to probe the accuracy of an individual's recall of their own recent and more distant past.

Our group includes the Centre for Memory & the Law. Established by Professor Conway and Professor Howe and including Dr Knott, the centre aims to provide an interdisciplinary approach to the study of memory and the implications for adults and children when recalling information in the courtroom. The Centre for Memory & the Law aims to provide a source of professional expertise and provide a focus for discipline-specific and multidisciplinary research to inform academic and public debate and discussion.

Our members have a well-developed network of national and international collaborators. These collaborators contribute to enhancing our research as well as the opportunities for our PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

If you would like more information on the research programmes of the members of this group, please visit the webpages of individual researchers (links provided below).

Example grants

Examining emotion specific memories: An investigation into the persistence of true and false memories (ESRC Project grant awarded to PI Lauren Knott). £352,336 Funder reference: ES/L00853X/1. Reporting dates: 05 Jan 2015 to 31 May 2018.

Example articles