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Healthcare Innovation


CHIR Honorary Fellows

Adrian Baker, young white man with short curly brown hair and glasses, in a grey circle.
Adrian Baker
- Senior Manager, Innovation, Research & Life Sciences Group, NHS England and NHS Improvement , UK

Nick Ibery, white man with short dark hair and wearing a suit jacket, in an orange circle.
Nick Ibery
- Senior health and life science VC and policy advisor, UK

Yiannis Kyratsis, white man with short dark hair greying at the sides, in a yellow circle.
Yiannis Kyratsis - Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Organization Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , The Netherlands

Radhika (Sriskandarajah) Narasinkan, South Asian with long dark hair with a side parting, in a blue circle.
Radhika (Sriskandarajah) Narasinkan - Head of Data Driven Development, Health Intelligence/Health Improvement Directorate, Public Health England, UK

CHIR Advisory Board

CHIR Collaborative

Calling all City scholars interested in health and social care innovation research! The CHIR Collaborative brings together scholars at City who are interested in collaborating on research activities around embedding innovations. The CHIR Collaborative discusses innovation research ideas, grant applications, or publication drafts either on their bespoke virtual exchange platform or face-to-face in regular (virtual) meetings. The meetings are organised around a specific theme, e.g., Patient and Public Involvement in Innovation Research, or Innovation Research during the COVID-19 pandemic.
You can find the announcements for the next meeting of the Collaborative and their themes here.
If you are a City scholar interested in joining the CHIR Collaborative, please get in touch!

CHIR Partners

CHIR is convening a wider community of stakeholder organisations and research partners including professional groups, service users and policymakers to inform and collaborate in research projects and connect to the challenges facing health and social care practice. Please get in touch if you are interested in connecting with us.